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Aadil Gurezi Kashmiri Singer Gets Kicked Out From Mumbai Residence

A Kashmiri singer, Aadil Gurezi was kicked out of his Mumbai residence. The situation resulted out of peer pressure related to the Kashmir dispute. While there is already a complete media blackout in Jammu and Kashmir to silence voices of dissent, people are doubling down on Kashmiri voices elsewhere in the country.

Aadil Gurezi is a popular singer on YouTube. He says he was evicted from his rented accommodation in Mumbai due to the ongoing Kashmir situation. All this happened when he returned from district Bandipora in Indian Occupied Kashmir. His flatmates told him that he could not stay with them anymore because of the flat broker’s rules. The landlord said that he doesn’t want trouble amid the Kashmir dispute and Aadil couldn’t stay.

Aadil Gurezi Kashmiri Singer Gets Kicked Out From Mumbai Residence

That’s when the singer posted a message on Twitter asking people to have compassion towards those that move in from other places.

Kashmiri singer @aadilgurezi who was evicted from rented house in Mumbai appeal people in country to support artists who had nothing to do with politics #Kashmir @AmitShah @pamiladhar @aajtak pic.twitter.com/KF7yvMUZg2

— Ashraf Wani اشرف وانی (@ashraf_wani) September 9, 2019

People from different parts of India voiced support for the singer on social media.

The singer calls the central government’s decision to abrogate the special status for Kashmir responsible for all this animosity. Aadil Gurezi claims he wasn’t even indulging in politics. However, he’s accused of promoting fake propaganda against Indians.
Indian Support for Aadil Gurezi

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Despite the animosity, many Indians on social media came out in support of the singer.

An artist @aadilgurezi from #Kashmir was evicted out of rented home in #mumbai Because he is from Kashmir #aadilgurezi is one of young singing sensation in social media @IndiaToday @aajtak #KashmirStillUnderCurfew pic.twitter.com/DwnxAoTFRU

— Ashraf Wani اشرف وانی (@ashraf_wani) September 9, 2019

This is not the inclusive Bombay we love, ya! Let’s not do this to those who come here with all intent of working & making it Big! Hoping #AadilGurezi gets a place to stay and continues working in this city! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 https://t.co/s21aYf45ag

— Jyoti Kapur Das (@jkd18) September 10, 2019

Music knows no boundaries/ religion or nationality. Let us allow our artists flourish. He is our own Kashmiri from a remote area. God bless him with success.

— Pamila Dhar (@pamiladhar) September 9, 2019

every indian should support aadil

— anshu (@anshu101) September 9, 2019

Some people even offered to provide the singer with a place to stay.

i just followed him. Will try to contact and get him another rented house.

— Abhinab Kumar (@axeploit) September 9, 2019

““I am inundated with messages. Unknown people have offered to help me with a place to stay and expressed their solidarity,” #AadilGurezi said. https://t.co/gQVM5ImEW7 via @thewire_in

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— Sudha Rajagopalan (@swotithot) September 10, 2019

Some pointed out the message this sends about the city.

If this happens in most open-minded city of the country (Mayanagri Mumbai), we could imagine what they must be facing in other narrow minded places. This shows the kind of hatred that is being spread in the country under/ by the govt. #Kashmir

— Savita90z (@savita90z) September 10, 2019

Currently, both Aadil Gurezi’s Twitter and YouTube are inactive. All his previous tweets are gone.

post the youtube channel too. he looks inactive on twitter.

— Made Brexit Before It Was Cool (@dileepkush) September 9, 2019

Calling out Propaganda

While many were sympathetic towards the singer, some called this propaganda. They claim that Gurezi’s rent agreements being transferred from his name to his Hindu friend’s name has nothing to do with the Kashmir dispute.

Although, Aadil Gurezi stated that his landlord told him to vacate the place to avoid trouble due to the ongoing Kashmir issue. Even then some Indian Twitteratti are calling foul on the singer ‘unnecessarily dragging the Kashmir issue in his problem of accommodation‘.

Why would someone ask Aadil Gurezi to leave the rented accommodation that too post #Article370 abrogation?

Something is amiss here https://t.co/EUBbYlWQmA

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— Ranjit (@RanjitSMand) September 10, 2019

A section of the Twitterati even called his claims fake and accused him of ‘propaganda’.

I fully endorse what Jaan Nissar Lone said!!
You should never defame a state who has given you so much respect.
Aadil Gurezi learn Music than such fake propagand. https://t.co/F7SWWxAGJP

— Saaki (@SaakiOfficial) September 9, 2019

You Can Never Blame Mumbai Or People In Mumbai who are so respectful, India Today should Refrain From Such Cheap Propaganda. India Today https://t.co/W6XS7x8krw Aajtak news https://t.co/WXPoEmwqMo

— Aamir Sofi (@AamirAMN) September 9, 2019

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