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Actress Hina Altaf Payback from Aiman Khan

Hina Altaf has been within the news of late for criticizing co-star Muneeb Butt as a result of consistent with her he cannot act. Aiman Butt and Minal Butt were fast to react once they watched Hina Altaf passing comments regarding Muneeb Butt that were degrading. Most of the individuals found it troublesome to grasp why Hina Altaf would do one thing like that.

Actress Hina Altaf Payback from Aiman Khan

Well, seems like the mystery has been resolved since Associate in Nursing recent video from Yasir Hussain’s programme within which Aiman Khan and Minal Khan were invited as guests has gone microorganism on the web. during this video clip, Aiman Khan is seen criticizing Hina Altaf’s acting skills. once Yasir Hussain asked Aiman Khan to settle on one actor World Health Organization wasn’t sensible at what she did, Aiman Khan selected Hina Altaf expression that the opposite 2 selections i.e. Saboor Aly and Iqra Aziz were really expert actors.

Is it potential that there was a chilly war occurring between these actresses even before that is why Hina Altaf created fun of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt of the show To Be Honest? a number of the celebrities don’t seem to be pleased with this case, they’re questioning whether or not it very is neccessary to allow actors such selections and that they also are asking why some actors bemock of others like this.

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Aiman Khan termed the host and also the guest ‘uneducated’ for criticizing them like this. currently it feels like Aiman Khan too has done an equivalent issue within the past. currently that this video has gone microorganism, individuals are swing 2 and two along. Some individuals are expression that it’s like Hina Altaf was merely obtaining back at Aiman Khan.

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