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Advanced Internet of Things Course Event 6 April 2019

Advanced Internet of Things Course Event 6 April 2019

Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 2 AM – 4 AM

Mindstorm engineering, Karachi, Pakistan-75400

Hosted by Mindstorm Engineering


Advanced Internet of Things Course Event 6 April 2019


Mindstorm Engineering brings certified course on Internet of Things to provide hands on experience on both hardware, software tools and techniques of IoT using our own IoT Vision Development Boards. Student will be exposed to IoT model, its applications, protocols, cloud computing, web servers, apps and design exciting IoT solutions and projects.

Investment with IoT Dev Kit: Rs 10,000
Investment without IoT Dev Kit: Rs 8,000

Credit Hours: 32

Training Contents:

Introduction to Internet of Things, Cloud Servers, Voice Computing & Edge computing, Introduction to Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32 WIFI microcontroller/microcomputers & programming on Arduino IDE/Python, integration with IBM Watson, Google Firebase and Microsoft Azure, communication using Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Lorawan to develop and implement IoT Working Models.


Module-1: Introduction to IoT and IIoT

Module-2: Sensors and Actuators

Module-3: Programming Micro-controllers and Micro-computerrs

Module-4: Communication Protocols, Gateways and Networking

Module-5: Introduction to Big Data and Cloud (Fog/Edge vs Cloud)

Module-6: Use of Webservers and Apps for Data Visualization

Module-7: Securing IoT

Module-8: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: How to make sense from data (Data Analytics)

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Module-9: Projects and Case Studies for Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Factories, Connected Health, Smart Farms/Dairy.

-Smart Home: Home Automation with Google Assistant and making of IoT based Eco System including Multiple Nodes & Hub

-Cloud Based Weather Station (Using Google Firebase or Microsoft Azure) with Mobile App for effective weather monitoring.

-Smart Factory: Automatic Plant/Machinery Control with Mobile App

-Smart Farms: Automation Water Control using Moisture and Temperature Sensors with Mobile App to reduce water consumption and increase yield.

-Asset Monitoring: Smart asset monitoring using temperature, vibration, accelerometer, current and voltage sensors to monitor asset performance and reliability.

-Smart City: Use of different sensors nodes and actuators to enable a smart city IoT eco system in areas of traffic management & parking, environment

-Energy Management: Use of different sensors to enable smart energy management for reducing energy consumption.

-Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning): Case study of AI implementation on how can we enable AI to perform data analytics and improve decision making.

*Quizzes and Assignments shall be a part of the whole course.

** Iot Kit can be purchased separately

For registration and details, use the following link:

Advance Internet of Things

For further queries, please inbox us or contact us at 0336-8226280, 0344-2551023

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