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Another Video Leaked Chairman NAB After Apologize Personal Tapes

So, A Private TV Channel Had To Apologize To Chairman NAB After Leaking His ‘Personal Tapes’!

a private news channel, was left red-faced and had to tender a public apology after the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) denied a story aired by the channel showing a purported conversation of the NAB chairman with an unnamed woman. The NAB rejected in a statement the report about NAB Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, saying that all such reports are baseless, contrary to facts, fabricated and part of a false propaganda.

“This is work of a group of blackmailer, who want to tarnish reputation of NAB and its chairman. Disregarding all the pressure and blackmailing, NAB has not only arrested two members of the group but also approved a reference against them,” said a handwritten statement issued on Thursday night. The videos were aired by News One TV channel Thursday evening without any version from the NAB chairman or any other officials.

Another Video Leaked Chairman NAB After Apologize Personal Tapes

However shortly after airing the videos, the channel backtracked and pulled them off air. The channel admitted that it had not done due diligence and therefore needed further substantiation regarding the videos. The channel management also apologised for any inconvenience caused to the NAB chairman.

News One channel had also announced it would air more videos involving the NAB chairman and would also bring on air the lady who had allegedly made accusations against him. However, despite making this announcement the channel did not present any further material on the issue and removed the story after an apology.

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Another Video Leaked by Women

Video 1

In the video, Javed Iqbal can be seen having a valuable time with the women and then hugging her before she leaves. A trauma of questions was raised and this time NAB was itself held accountable. Another audio clip was later released by the channel in which NAB Chairman is having an inappropriate conversation with the women.

This is the phone call that happened between Chairman NAB and the women!

Javed Iqbal is now being bashed by Pakistanis after this inappropriate conversation circulated the media. Later Chairman NAB labeled the audio call as fake and that it’s not him. One more video came forward and this is terrible!
Here’s another footage that was leaked afterward!

Well, as the news created a hype on the mainstream media, NAB Chairman denied all the accusations and called the story baseless. On Thursday night, an official written statement was released by the NAB and it directed towards a racket pulling off these tactics to defame the organization.
This is what they said!

“These cheap tactics are pulled off by a blackmailer group who just wants to shatter NAB’s reputation. Keeping in concern all the blackmailing, NAB has not only locked up two members of the group but has also approved a reference against them.”


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Last Night News One apologised for putting allegations on NAB Chairman!

Last night, Channel ‘News One’ suddenly apologized to the NAB Chairman and stated that it was not out of intention and that we should have gathered more information regarding the case. The channel will now call the women on air who made these alleged accusations. Nothing more was presented in the case after the apology was submitted.

This sudden change of plans by the channel is not taken well by the awaam and everyone’s thinking is it the threat? Pakistanis are also asking why is the man only being questioned every time? The lady is also seen laughing and having fun. Why not her?

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