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Arslan Ash Pakistan Biggest Tekken 7 Player Wins World Championship

Arslan has created Islamic Republic of Pakistan proud another time by winning one in all the largest game tournaments of the globe

Evo 2019, one in all the largest video gambling competition command in l. a. is finally over and there’s some large news for Pakistanis.

Our terribly own Arslan Ash, the Pakistani youth that beat over five hundred players from the globe to become Tekken Champion six months agone, has another time become the grand champion of Evo 2019 Tekken bracket.

Evo 2019 may be a massive deal since thousands of players from round the world train day and night to earn a spot within the tournament. This year’s tournament featured games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mortal Kombat eleven, Soul Calibur six, Samurai Shodown, BlazBlue, Tekken 7, and plenty of a lot of.

There were a minimum of 1800+ players competitive within the Tekken seven bracket. Arslan created his thanks to the highest and in his final match, he found South Korea’s Jae Min ”Knee” Bae. 

The match was an honest 20-minute long suspensive match however within the finish, it had been Arslan United Nations agency got the crown. Here is that the final match between the 2 and winning moments of Arslan.

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Arslan has established another time that he’s a force to reckon with and Islamic Republic of Pakistan isn’t behind the other nation even once it involves video games. He has become a concept for several aspiring gamers within the country.


— James Chen (@jchensor) August 5, 2019

Moved to tears by chants of “You Deserve It” and “Arslan Ash” from the crowd at #EVO2019 What a beautiful chapter for him. pic.twitter.com/iPyuWJIRbS

— Chapter XLVII [EVO] (@ChapterXLVII) August 5, 2019

?? Arslan Ash EVO 2019 champion! ?? @ArslanAsh95 #EVO2019 #TEKKEN7 @Harada_TEKKEN @TEKKEN @holyknee @tk_anakin @TekkenRules1 @Ochoto87 @double4646 @fgcbot @korTEKKENCREW @FGCUNDERGROUND @VslashEsports pic.twitter.com/GPWRP0xolM

— NiBBLE | Baber Abbas (@TG_Abbas) August 5, 2019

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