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Bad Beauty Habits Dangerous to Your Health Need to Leave Immediately

Bad habits are often terribly dangerous to your health and there’s no denying that we tend to all have some style of dangerous habits that we simply cannot forgoing of.

Isn’t this true? Well, since the twelvemonth has simply begun, it’s necessary to understand that everybody has some goals in life to accomplish. several set goals at the start of each year and take a look at to accomplish them, whereas some, expect consequent day. However, what several don’t understand is that your dangerous habits will play a serious role in your life and you accomplishing your dreams.

Bad Beauty Habits Dangerous to Your Health Need to Leave Immediately

Now, here’s the deal… there are means too several dangerous habits that may really have an effect on your life-style. And, if we tend to name beauty, there are several dangerous habits within the beauty class that ladies tend to urge smitten by. need to understand what they are? Well, let’s begin:

1. Hoarding makeup

Love the latest eyeshadow and highlight palettes? Well, you gotta stop purchasing them right now. Why? Because every makeup product out there has an expiration date! Sorry to burst your bubble, but you just wasted your money showing off all your expensive makeup which has now been expired. Woopsies!

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2. Sleeping in your make up

Sleeping with your makeup is the worst possible thing you can ever do. Sleeping with your makeup will clog your pores, cause acne and what not. Always, always wash your face at night before going to bed.

3. Playing with your hair

We’re ALL guilty of this one. Playing with our hair when bored or lost in a thought is what we usually do. But little do you know is that playing with your hair can make your hair oily, damaged and it may even lead to hair loss.

4. Exfoliating daily

Exfoliating your skin on a daily basis can be very harmful. Scrubbing your skin daily will cause irritation and may even lead to whiteheads under your skin that won’t go away.

5. Using dull razor blades

We’re a lazy nation and when it comes to razor blades, it takes a while for us to change our razors. Despite knowing the fact that dull razor blades can be very dangerous and may even cut your skin, using them may also increase your chances of getting bacterial or fungal infections. Yikes, beware!

6. Taking hot showers

Taking a hot shower for sure feels good and veryyyy relaxing, but did you know that hot showers are prone to taking away all the moisture from your skin? Yes, your skin will be dry as an elephant’s!

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