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British American Tobacco BAT Jobs 30 April 2019, Business Development Manager

British American Tobacco BAT Jobs 30 April 2019, Business Development Manager

British American Tobacco (www.bat.com) is a market leading, global organisation with a long, established history and a bright and dynamic future. Thanks to our people we have continued to deliver growth and exceed expectations in an increasingly complex and challenging marketplace.

Our aim is to become the leading tobacco company in each of our markets by providing excellent products with confidence and responsibility expected of global consumer brands.


JOB TITLE: Business Development Manager

REPORTS TO: Senior Business Development Manager



LOCATION: Head Office

British American Tobacco BAT Jobs 30 April 2019, Business Development Manager


Support BAT Group’s strategy through the analysis of publicly available information leading to the provision of timely reports on all forms of illicit trade in tobacco products affecting PTC; analysing the illicit trade landscape; identifying and analysing trends and predicting emerging threats; supporting other elements of the Business through the provision of material and reports. The Business Development Manager reports to the Senior Business Development Manager.


Estimates indicate that illicit trade represents in excess of 12% of global consumption of tobacco. The problem is growing rapidly, driven by a number of factors including the trend for significant increases in tobacco taxation, and other product and packaging related regulations, causing more smokers to seek cheaper illegal products, and creating massive profits for criminals. The role of the Business Development Manager is one of creating commercial opportunities for our business by levelling the competitive playing field through the disruption of illegal operators to restrict the growth of illicit trade where possible. This is done by working with government authorities to curb illicit trade.

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Provide timely and comprehensive publicly available information to support the business and influence end-market/area operational activity. This will require an ability to accurately interpret information from a variety of public sources, willingness to question and corroborate public information received, the diligence to identify gaps and the confidence to formulate recommendations to initiate and drive operational activity.
Maintain a thorough understanding of the drivers and extent of illicit trade relevant to the end-market/area. Continual monitoring and analysing of this landscape is required in order to develop plans and to identify and accurately predict emerging threats.
Support the Senior Business Development Manager by providing analytical overviews (including strategic public information reports and target specific profiles), to support strategy decisions and business development.
Work closely with the Senior Business Development Manager to provide business focused responses to requests for support received from both internal and external stakeholders.
Undertake open source research on trends in illicit trade and the dynamics in which it takes place.
Support and participate in end-market/area internal and external training modules and capacity building workshops.
Participate in stakeholder mapping. This will require an understanding of the key internal and external stakeholders that the teams need to engage with in order to deliver results.
Adhere to and remain up-to-date with the end-market/area strategy, ensuring that all analytical work is aligned with this.
If required, provide analytical support to multiple markets as directed by the Senior Business Development Manager. This will require flexibility and ability to deal with multiple and competing tasks.
Integrate publicly available information with in-house commercial market research in order to flag potential opportunities of contestable market space being created within the end-market/area that can be exploited. This will require close co-operation with the local market research teams.

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Knowledge, Skills & Experience

Proficiency in information analysis and the production of reports and briefings, often to tight deadlines and without supervision.
The ability to proactively seek out relevant sources of information.
Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written).
People skills a confident ability to liaise on a cross-functional basis with BAT Managers, Law Enforcement Officials, lawyers and Service Providers.
Efficient time management and the ability to prioritise, ensuring that varied and sometimes competing demands on workload are met without compromising on quality.
Responsible handling of sensitive information whilst sharing appropriately within BAT Group when business needs demand visibility.
Creativity and innovation the ability and confidence to view problems from different perspectives and propose new solutions.
A sound understanding of illicit trade and the broad awareness of related legal issues and evidential requirements.


In support of the end-market/area priorities, the Business Development Manager should strive to provide analytical product to the Senior Business Development Manager which assists in the reduction of illicit trade thereby providing opportunities for growth.

Achieving this requires

Efficient management of a variety of internal and external requests for support; standardised reporting within agreed deadlines.
Complete proficiency in analysis and reporting, in order to support enforcement actions within the end-market/area.
Maintaining processes and systems for analysis, which assist the end-market/area in addressing priorities.

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Liaise with

End-market Senior Business Development Manager
SPI counter parts in market
Business Development Manager
Service Providers
Internal and external legal advisors
BAT subject matter experts (for technical input to cases)
National Enforcement bodies

If you have the talent and motivation to help us succeed you’ll find we are equally committed to helping you reach your full potential too. Apply

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