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Congo Fever is Viral Prevention how the virus transmit symptoms

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Congo Fever is Viral. Be Careful!

How the virus transmits?

• Transmission of Congo Virus to humans occurs with infected ticks or animal / human blood.

• It can also be transmitted from one infected human to another by contact with infectious blood or body fluids.

• It also occurs in hospitals due to improper sterilization of medical equipment, reuse of injection needles and contamination of medical supplies.


The best way to beat the CONGO

Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is a viral disease, which is highly contagious and has high fatality rate. It spreads by the bite of a 44 Tick ” present on wild and domestic animals, such as cattle, goats, sheep and hares that serve as amplifying hosts for the virus or its contact with wound or abraded skin of handler(s).


Congo Fever is Viral Prevention how the virus transmit symptoms

What are the Symptoms?

• High fever, headache, back pain, joint pain, etc.

• Red eyes, flushed face, red throat and red spots on the palate.

• Stomach pain and vomiting.

• Bleeding from nose, ear, etc.

What Precautions needs to be taken?

• Personal Protective Measures like full clothing, gloves during handling and butchering of animals must be adapted.

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• Applying Anti Tick repellents on body (e.g. Diethyl Toluamide – DEET) and clothing (e.g. Permethrin).

• To minimize exposure it is advised to wear light color clothes that cover legs & arms and examine clothing & skin for presence of ticks while visiting cattle markets / slaughter houses.

• To contain the growth of Tick, the animals especially slaughter animals must be sprayed with or dipped into water having Acaricide, Cypermetherin, etc.

• Use of insecticide chemicals around animals farms and slaughter houses to decontaminate animal’s offal’s / waste and secretions.


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