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Directorate of Education KP Workers Welfare board fund talent scholarship 2019-20


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – Workers Welfare Board Workers Welfare Fund Talent Scholarship (For Academic Year 2019-2020)

Applications on Prescribed Form for Award of Talent Scholarships are invited from Industrial and Mine workers and their children studying in different Colleges/ Universities/ Institutions etc for Academic Session 2019-2020 in disciplines mentioned against each category along w.th stipend which may be read as under –


i) The worker must be covered under definition of workman prescribed in IRA 2012

ii) Minimum three years cumulative service is required to avail the education facility, in) The worker must be registered with Employees Old Age Benefit Institution (E08I) or Social Security Institution (ESSI). In case of non-registered workers, an affidavit duly attested by notary public and focal person of the concerned labour department (i.e Director. Labour or his nominee) may be submitted by worker regarding correctness of particulars given in the application, along with two guarantors, namely employer and C8A President’ General Secretary.

iv) Workors/Empkiyeos of WWF/WWBs and his /hor family members (Spouse & Childron) are eligible to avail education/scholarship facility.

Directorate of Education KP Workers Welfare board fund talent scholarship 2019-20

v) Industrial / Mine / Establishment must be registered under relevant Act/Law or those organizations paying 2% under Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance. 1971 or 5% left out contribution under Companies Profit (Workers Participation Act. 1968).

vi) There is no age limit for education/scholarshp facility for self-worker / employees, vn) The children of deceased workers/ employees of WWF’ WWBs are eligible for education/scholarship facility if they have already been granted death grant on behalf of the worker/employee, viu) Workers, employees of WWF/ WWBs who become disabled during the service may avail scholarship for their children, subject to the condition that the disability is proved through a legal medical board constituted for the purpose ix) The employees of Wckers Welfare Fund. Regional Offices and Provincial Workers Welfare Boards, who are paxj from WWF/WWBs regular Budget can avail the scholarsh p facility for their children subject to three years of service as per governing body (WWF) decision.

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i) Student must meet the minimum passing criteria of the school/college and HEC chartered Universities by Federal’ Provincial Governments where admission is ta'<en In case the students will net be promoted his/hef educational facilities will be discontinued

ii) Student will take/study all subjects in a semester offered by Public/Private College/University etc. as the case may be. and. complete its course with n the approved minimum time-frame by the HEC. for the said course. In case a student fails to complete his course within the approved time-frame of the HEC, his case can be reviewed cn the basis of so’id reasons submitted by the student duty verified by the Public/Private College/University etc. as the case may be. and supported with the documentary evidence.

in) The student once reg stored in a courso will not be allowed to change the scloctod discipline However, the Secretary (WWFyCharman (WWB) can permit such changes as a special case, subject to the condition that there >s no financial loss to the fund due change of selected discipline.

iv) If student fails to complete his/her degree -course, in which he /she was registered, he/she will not be allowed to get new admission at any other university. If any worker tnes to get such benefit he/she will be debarred from any benefit from WWF in future and liable for legal action

v) The Workers Welfare Fund will finance the entire higher education but not two degrees of the same level

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vi) Semester wise fee will be re-imbursed to the students or directly paid to the concerned universities/ college by Fund Secretariat/WWBs

vii) Stipend would be given to the student for the required period of completion of the degree as prescribed by the university. The student would not be given stipend when the penod of his/her studies exceeds the prescribed penod. however university charges of the left-over course would be allowed No fee shall be paid for repeated courses or for failure(s).

viii) The worker or his child, once enrolled in any university / college cannot transfer or change the institution, till the completion of respective degree or course. However, the secretary (WWFyChairman (WWB) can permit such change as a special case, subject to the condition that all complete credits / courses will be accepted by the university / mstituton / col ege where the student is seeking admisson and there is no financial loss to the WWF due to the transfer. In case any course is not accepted, the student shall pay the amount from his own resources.

ix) The educational expenses at M.Phil / MS & Ph D level will be pakJ in respect of those entitled students who get admission on ment.

x) All eligible students meeting the above mentioned cntena shall open their accounts in the Bank of Khyber. The detail of bank account numbers and bank branch codes shall be submitted along-with the scholarship forms


All the documents given below must be attested from a Gazetted Govt Officer (BPS 17 or above) except for S No 7.8 & 9.

i. Offer Letter issued by the concerned unversity/Coflege/lnstitute registered and affiliated with Higher Education Commission (HECy HERAjPMDOPEC.(ln case of direct payment cases)

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ii. Attestation of the Management & CBAon the scholarship form.

in. Attested Copy of Computerized National Identity Card Birth Ccrtificatc/Form B of the Student

iv. Attested Copy of Computerized National Identity Card of Worker, v Attested Copy of EOBI or ESSI Card. In case of non-registered workers, an affidavit duly attested by notary pubic and focal person of the concerned labour department (i e Director. Labour or his nominee).

vi. Attested Copies of DMCs/Certificates/Degrees of previous examinations passed

vii. Original Service Certificate from the concerned factory, viu. Original Salary Certificate from the concerned factory.

ix. Copy of relevant registration ActLaw of Industrial/Mine Establishment or Certificate of payment of 2% under Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance or Certificate of 5% left out contnbuticn under Companies Profit (Workers Participation Act 1968). These documents shall be attested by the concerned Industrial/Mine Establishment

x Undertakings on stamp paper (As per presenbed specimen of WWF) along with attested copies of CNICs of the Guarantors mentioned in the undertaking

xi Original fee receipts/ payment vouchers of the fee paid to the concerned university (Re-imbursement cases only)

xii. Registration and affiliation of institution with concerned Board/University/Chartered Institute recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC)/ HERA’PMDC/PEC.

xiii. Only one number Post-Graduation level ccorse will be financed by the WWF Islamabad Furthermore, all expenses of these students, viz-a-viz admission fee. tuition fee.

transport charges, hostei/messing charges registration fee. examination fee. library fee. lab fee. computer lab fee in respect of Workers Children, who get admission on merit will be paid out of WWF


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Workers Welfare Board House No.02. Near Frontier Model School for Girls. Irshadabad Colony. Warsak Road

Peshawar (Tel: 091-5626211 & 091-5626394)


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