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District Administration Sialkot Has introduced Modern Mobile Apps


Sialkot Patients Referral System
Saaf Suthra Sialkot (SWMC)
Salam Sialkot
Citizen Facilitation Call Centre

►    The 18 services, provided by 12 departments are provided through toll-free no 0800-15050 e.g., Birth/Death certificates, Domicile, Loans, Marriage, Character Certificate, Grant, Zakat, property transfer, Driving Licence etc.

►    The information about user charges, process time, name and contact details of the officer concerned is sent through Urdu SMS.

►    Un-employed persons may visit this App for job opportunities and financial help for business.

District Administration Sialkot Has introduced Modern Mobile Apps

Qeemat Sialkot

►    Citizen have been provided access to the prices of 37 edible kitchen items, notified on monthly basis by District Administration and the 22 fruit & vegetable products, along with the daily rates notified by Fruit and Vegetables markets.

►    The citizens can report about over-charging, hoarding or poor quality of the items.

►    The price magistrates raid the premises and report the punitive action taken within 24 working hours to the complaints through App.

Citizen are empowered to take picture of the filth/garbage in their street and send it through App. The action taken by the duty sweeper is reported, within 6 working hours through a response picture of the same point using the google mapping technique.

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Sarkar Sialkot

Citizen can know the name, office address, phone no. of the Patwari, Revenue officer, Secretary UC, SHO. Incharge BHU, School Head Master and all other concerned. Complaints can be lodged online through App. Citizens can recorded their feedback about misbehavior by service provider.

Sialkot Litigation Tracking System

► Every litigant/plaintiff can know the next date of hearing or litigation status online without visiting revenue courts.

Sialkot Patients Referral System (SPRS)

► The information about patient referral in real time, at departure and reception health facilities is coordinated between the primary secondary & tertiary health care facilities through a dynamic mobile App for managed & coordinated patient referrals.

Sialkot District Administration is working goal of citizen-friendly govt.
Helpline 0800-15050

District Administration, Sialkot
You can download these apps in your mobile through

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