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Dog bite cases on the rise in Karachi vaccine runs short

KARACHI (Dunya News) – bite cases are on the increase in city as involved authorities of Sindh government hav didn’t launch comprehensive campaign against stray dogs.

According to detail, a minimum of eleven bite cases were rumored at Muhammad Ali Jinnah Hospital on Th. The affected persons were brought from totally different space of city as well as Malir, Model Colony, Sultanabad, North Nazimabad, Sarjani city, Memon Goth and crowned head male monarch Colony.

It is pertinent to say here that cost from illness} disease throughout 2019 has reached twelve. illness} could be a preventable disease transmitted to humans through the bite of infected animals. However, in Pakistan ninety nine per cent cases are caused by dog bites.

12 victims this year

The officers aforesaid some twelve individuals had been bitten by overzealous dogs and died up to now this year within the town. The JPMC official aforesaid seven of these patients were received by her hospital.

The Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital city, meanwhile, conjointly received dozens of comparable cases from varied elements of town et al within the province, yet, it’s facing shortage of anti-rabies vaccinum for several days.

The CHK zoonosis centre provides ARV shots and immune gamma globulin to forestall the bite victims from catching rabies. Officials, however, aforesaid vaccinum from Bharat had dried up so so much the untested Chinese various wasn’t formally approved.

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The stocks of ARV are still obtainable in JPMC and a few different hospitals within the town, that too would go dry presently.

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