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Due to Rain In Karachi Major Electricity Outage And People Are in Darkness

It rained in Karachi last night and of course, as usual, the residents of the city were over the moon, since Karachiites are always praying for it to rain but it seldom does rain in the sea-side city.

Due to Rain In Karachi Major Electricity Outage And People Are in Darkness

Karachi Last Night☔ Havey Drizzle#KarachiRain #rain ☔ #Karachi pic.twitter.com/m34V0v3YCK

— Tayyab Raza Tweet (@TweetTayyabRaza) July 23, 2019

karachi was so beautiful last night. I walked under the rain around 10.35 pm outside and i felt so good. we barely get to experience rain here and ahhhhh i loved it

— sakina (@suckerstung) July 23, 2019

And of course, as rare and happily expected rain is, as soon as the first drop hits, the ground the entire city’s electricity goes haywire. It’s like the unspoken rule. And as a result, the entire city was immersed in several hours of no electricity.

Returning from #Lahore, light rain in #Karachi was a good welcome, yesterday. But what followed was a complete electricity failure, courtesy @KElectricPk – #KarachiRain pic.twitter.com/qVWID6a8gT

— Hasan Zuberi (@HasanZuberi) July 23, 2019

On the 1st drop of rain you guys started turning off Karachi all area electricity on the name of faults bullshit, stop making us fool K Electric didn’t have their proper maintenance work on there wires & they don’t have capacity to provide us proper electricity during rain in khi

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— Syed Safdar Shah.🇵🇰 (@DefenderPakis) July 23, 2019

Karachi can’t even handle drizzle and you people want it to rain here?

— I. (@Notmythingz) July 23, 2019

Everyone was utterly pissed at K-Electric for ruining rain for them

Only few drops of rain in Karachi but half of the city went into darkness. After years of experience with the city’s weather and other conditions why has @KElectric
not comeup with workable solutions for rain related electricity? It simply shows incompetency of #KE

— Abdullah (@Chrprofessional) July 23, 2019

Some people made really dark comparisons which made total sense.

karachi’s relationship w rain is literally like that one toxic friend you can’t let go of. you secretly pray for them and in return they fill your life w darkness <3

— Maniha (@manihahahah) July 23, 2019

Some just made funny memes to cope.

Rain in #Karachi be like.#KElectric pic.twitter.com/psZEPkBDgZ

— Hina Safdar (@hinasafi) July 23, 2019

And other’s just had sage advice for the future.

From now if u are praying for rain in Karachi. Kindly ask #KElectric Are they ready? #karachi #ShameOnYou #KElectric

— Rohail Patel (@RohailPatel) July 23, 2019

Light kb aie gi yrr Karachi k liya baarish kisi zehmat sa kam nhi @KElectricPk @ImranIsmailPTI @ImranIsmailPTI

— Arif Zaidi™ (@arifzaidi1) July 23, 2019

But people were incredibly angry about the prolonged power outage in several areas of Karachi, and complained on Twitter to K-Electric as well as the government. People want solutions for the future since the entire city is tired of being submerged into darkness on the first hint of rain.

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Worst electricity situation in #Karachi after few drops of rain & there is no authority to look after @KElectricPk affairs. As always NEPRA is silent spectator on K-E’s incompetence and always coverup their wrongdoings. I request @OmarAyubKhan & @MuradAliShahPPP to take notice.

— Syed Mustafa Kamal (@KamalPSP) July 23, 2019

Okay serious question. So #KElectric is privatised. So no one is going to hold it accountable? No check and balance will be carried out? Federal Govt can’t do anything?

— Huma 🇵🇰 (@hitbyreality) July 23, 2019

7 hours long load shedding in Hot and humid day. Shame on u @KElectricPk . Is Karachi not perority of any Govt and political party?@ImranKhanPTI @BBhuttoZardari @ImranIsmailPTI@MuradAliShahPPP

— ⭕️xahid 扎希德.⭕️ (@xahidmalik) July 23, 2019

And honestly, in this weather, where even with the rain, there is no reprieve from the heat, it is only fair that Karachiites get this pissed. They shouldn’t have to pick between rain and electricity.

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