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FIA Cybercrime Centers Launch 15 Cities in Pakistan

In order to facilitate the voters to lodge their complaints and halt the offenses going down through computers, mobile phones, and also the web in West Pakistan, crime centers are established in fifteen cities across the country with plans of additional growth in future, aforesaid further Director of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Wing Sindh Faizullah Korejo.

While talking to AN awareness seminar titled “Cyber Crime: Laws & Responsibilities of Citizens” command at University of Sindh, Jamshoro recently, Mr. Korejo warned the participants of exploitation social media fastidiously to stay themselves at arm’s length from falling prey to cyber crimes because the hindrance of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016 is unbroken with strict punishments for the people found concerned within the offenses.

FIA Cybercrime Centers Launch 15 Cities in Pakistan

While elaborating the sections and planned punishments beneath PECA 2016 act, the extra director aforesaid that recently hackers may steal additional with a pc than a stealer with a gun adding that tomorrow’s terrorist may be ready to do more injury with a keyboard than a bomb. as an example, the official explained;

“A person in China may forced an entry a bank’s electronic vault hosted on a pc within the USA and transfer a lot of greenbacks to a different bank in Switzerland inside minutes. All he can would like is solely a portable computer, pc or a cellular phone.”

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Faizullah conjointly talked concerning the worldwide stats of cyber crimes and aforesaid that around one thousand thousand folks are being victimised through the offense each hour, whereas hackers World Health Organization commit crime have created AN quantity of $274 billion altogether thus far.

The Additional Director conjointly remarked that social media is wide abused in West Pakistan and most offenses are associated with blasphemy, anti-state activities, hiding, business frauds, hate speech, violence, and coercion, etc.

While explaining the domain of crime in West Pakistan beneath PECA 2016 act, he aforesaid that hacking, fraud, cyberbullying, stalking, monetary fraud, digital piracy, pc viruses, malicious software system, holding rights, hiding, electronic terrorism; extortion and rascality are the main offenses that fall into crime law.

Meanwhile, FIA’s recent findings have indicated that some prohibited outfits have conjointly been exploitation social media in West Pakistan to unfold hate speech and violence, the official noted.

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