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Hania Amir Shares Thoughtful Message

#HaniaAmir shares a #thoughtful message and we admire the way she thinks. #eidulazha

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Hania Amir Shares Thoughtful Message

haniaheheofficial Let’s spread happiness in whatever way we can. Let’s help people however we can! There already are many spreading hate and terror, and it’s pretty easy to be evil and hateful, but let’s be a beacon of light in these dark times. And dont forget to say a prayer for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kashmir, in Palestine, in Syria, in Norway, and not only Muslims but pray for the humanity! Pray for every life lost, pray for everyone to be safe, pray for everybody’s betterment, pray that may Allah give everyone the strength to deal with their losses and may Allah ease their pain. And let’s pray for the oppressors too that may Allah soften their hearts and show them the right path.

Meri taraf se aap Sab ko bohat bohat eid Mubarak!

Allah! God of Jibraeil, Makaiil and Israfil, and the God of Ibrahim, and Ismail and Ishaq, Grant me peace and security, and do not let anyone of Your creatures overcome me, with anything which I have no power to forbear.

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