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Highway Division Khairpur Tender Notice 9 Mar 2019 CC Paving road Block

Highway Division Khairpur Tender Notice 9 Mar 2019 CC Paving road Block

Highway Division Khairpur Tender Notice 9 Mar 2019 CC Paving road Block



Sealed bids are invited from all the interested bidders on Standard Bidding Documents under Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Rules 2010 (Amended in 2013 & 2014) for the procurement of the following works:-

1. The intending participants can purchase the separate set of tenders on payment of tender fee / document fee for the each work from the date of publication of this notice upto 29.03.2019 at 1.00 pm.

2. The tenders will be received back and opened on the same date i.e. 29.03.2019 at 2.00 pm in presence of Tender Opening / Evaluation Committee. If the tender remains unresponded or Competent Authority is out of Headquarters on the date of tendering, the bidding documents will be received back on 17.04.2019 upto 01.00 pm which will be opened in presence of Tender Procurement Committee & the participants at 2.00 pm on the same date.

3. Eligibility conditions for intending participants are as under:-

i. Valid registrations with Pakistan Engineering Council in the relevant field of specialization of work to the extent of tender amount under the code of CE-01 Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC Certificate) is required.

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ii. Bio-data of engineers and technical staff working with the firm.

iii. Documentary evidence of works executed / works in progress and certificate of satisfactory completion of work by the employers.

iv. List of works in progress, indicating cost of each work and copy of letter of award of work.

v. List of machinery and equipment available with documentary evidence of its ownership, Certificate of Bank showing creditworthiness along with Bank Statement.

vi. Registration with Income Tax Department (NTN certificate) and copy of C.N.l.C.

vii. An undertaking on stamp paper that the firm / contractor is not involved in any kind of litigations, departmental rift, has not abandoned or not made unnecessary delay in completion of any work in the government & private organization.

viii. The bids shall be evaluated on Single Envelope Method of SPPRA Rules 2010.

ix. All the contractors / firms should be registered with the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) in terms of Rule 46-l(ii) of SPPRA Rules (Amended 2014).

x. The approved bids will be subject to stamp duty levied by the government.

xi. In case of public holiday on the date of tendering the bids shall be submitted and opened as per given schedule on the next working day.

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xii. The bidders should submit prescribed amount of 5% earnest money as shown against each work in shape of call deposit prepared from any scheduled bank in favour of the undersigned (no pay order will be accepted).

xiii. Affidavit to the effect that the firm / contractor has not been blacklisted previously by any executing agency.

xiv. Affidavit to the effect that all documents / particulars / information furnished are true and correct.

xv. In case of firm, list of partners / partnership deed, giving full particulars of directors / proprietors and other connected information along with power of attorney. In case of being sole proprietors, such undertaking on stamp paper be furnished.

xvi. Conditional or incomplete tenders will not be entertained.

xvii. The undersigned and other competent authority reserve the right to reject any or all bids as per provision of SPPRA Rules, 2010.



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