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Hocane Sisters Advice that Bad Food For Depression

Hocane Sisters Advice that Bad Food For Depression

It’s not just the food we take in that we should be mindful of but also the words we utter. At this day and age where the world is becoming more progressive spreading awareness about issues that were once considered taboo or controversial and where informative content including research papers are easily available at the touch of your fingers; one would expect people to be enlightened and learned by now.

Hocane Sisters Advice that Bad Food For Depression

However, one such famous pair of sisters in the Pakistani entertainment industry proved otherwise. The Hocane sisters who have launched their own clothing brand U X M were promoting it at Nida Yasir’s morning show and made a highly misleading comment on depression. Yes, the talk went to a whole different direction.



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According To Urwa And Mawra, Depression Arises Due To Intake Of Improper Food. Say What?

A severe illness that has taken countless lives and as we write and read this, somewhere someone is contemplating suicide due to this deep-rooted sadness they just cannot shake away. In fact, depression has several layers to it that cannot be discussed in one post. It’s complex and unforgiving.

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There are several campaigns driven to create mental health awareness, panel discussions, published books, and internet which filled with content that provides in-depth knowledge about depression. If someone still fails to understand, the least they can do is show compassion to those suffering.

This Definitely Triggered People Online And They Called The Sisters Out.

Indeed! Especially on something as sensitive as mental health. Their comments were insensitive and brash.

We expect more from our celebrities as they hold a certain platform that can be used for great purposes including spreading mental health awareness. But their remarks do reflect the attitude of our general awaam that refuses to extend compassion and understanding on this issue.

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