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How to Make Button Bowl Easy DIY

How to Make Button Bowl Easy DIY

By Asif Ali
Button bowl

Today’s DIY is not only easy, but is also an everyday use item for all the members in your family. It is a bowl made out of buttons — a super easy craft which needs only a few items.

All you have to do is ask your mum to give you a handful of buttons (used/old). This button bowl can be used for putting away certain necessary/unnecessary stuff usually lying on the table like keys or your small stationary items. If not this, you can put fragrant petals in it and give it a place in your bedroom or drawing room.
Things you need:

1. Mod Podge (craft glue which dries clear)

2. Buttons

3. A balloon

4. Paint brush or foam brush

How to Make Button Bowl Easy DIY


1. Blow the balloon and place it on any empty glass or jar so that you can start pasting glue on it without it moving around, picture 2.

2. Put glue on top of the balloon and spread it with the help of a brush, pic- I ture 3.

3. You have to paste glue halfway on the balloon so that a bowl-like shape forms, picture 4.

4. When covered with glue, put buttons on to it, smaller and bigger all at the same time, covering the spaces in between, pictures 5 and 6.

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5. When all the glue-covered area is filled with buttons, leave it to dry. Once dried, glue it again the same way; but now carefully, as the glue strokes could move the buttons from their place, pictures 7 and 8.

6. Leave it to dry again. When you are sure the glue is all dried up and the balloon is hard enough, burst it with a pin, picture 9.

7. The button bowl looks beautiful if you use multicoloured buttons, picture 10.

Note: You can create different shapes by following the same steps but using bottles and jars instead of a balloon.

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