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How to use Punjab WiFi app to access Free Internet

How to use Punjab WiFi app to access Free Internet

Punjab Wifi

The Punjab WiFi Hotspots project through its resilient network will enable public and on-field government officials from different departments to utilize centrally maintained internet services in a relatively seamless manner at no cost. Initially this facility will be provided across around 200 public locations, viz., Universities, Colleges, Government Offices, Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Airport, Metro Bus Stations, Parks, Hospitals, and Markets etc., in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan.

How to use Punjab WiFi app to access Free Internet

The purpose of public Wi-Fi hotspots in the province is to bridge the digital divide by providing free, easy and reliable Internet access in major public places . The PITB has set up 200 free Wi-Fi hotspots in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur and Murree districts. The Wi-Fi hotspots have been set up at educational and government buildings, public parks, market places, hospitals, railway stations, airports and bus stations.

In order to provide technical support as well as complaint handling and resolution, trained staff are available at the call center 24/7. The highest use of these free Wi-Fi hotspots has been recorded at hospitals, followed by universities and colleges. The free Wi-Fi facility has also enabled on-field government officials from various departments to utilise centrally-maintained online services in a relatively seamless manner. The positive feedback of citizens is a sign of success for the initiative and the Chief Minister of Punjab has approved the extension of this project to other major cities of the province.

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Arfa Software Technology Park, 346-B, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

wifi@pitb.gov.pk, wifi@punjab.gov.pk

Step by Step Instructions About Connecting WIFI

Step 1

Open your mobile settings and search for available WiFi hot spots in your vicinity.
Select “PunjabWifi” from the available hot spots and wait for 5 seconds.

Please enter your own personal phone number so that you receive your personal code.
If you create an account on someone else’s phone number, Punjab IT Board holds the rights to block you from using the service.

Step 2

Within 5 seconds, a pop-up would open asking you for your phone number as shown in the image.
In the input field, enter your phone number to receiver a verification code. The code would be delivered to you within 5 seconds.
Click on the submit button after entering your phone number in the given field.

Step 3

Go into your messaging app and copy the pin code sent to you by “+92514316014”

Step 4

Open your settings app again and paste the copied code in the pin code field.
After entering your pin code, press the submit button.

Note: Make sure the entered 5-digit pin code is the same as sent to you by our service. An invalid code would not provide you access to the internet.

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Step 5

Now enter your profile details on the registration page.
In the first input field, enter your full name.
In the second field, select your occupation from the drop down menu. if you can’t find your occupation, select “others”.
In the third field, enter your email address.
In the fourth field, select your date of birth.
Finally, select your gender and press submit to register tour profile with Punjab WiFi.

Step 6

After pressing submit, you will be greeted with the welcome page.

Note: Please ensure that the data you enter is correct and all the fields have been filled. Otherwise, the service won’t allow you to create your profile.

Step 7

Press “done” on the top right corner and open your browser to enjoy your free internet connection.

Note: If you don’t see the “done” button, just quit your settings app and open your browser to enjoy your free WiFi.

Step 8

Note: If you already registered to Punjab free WiFi then follow Step # 1 to Step # 4 and enjoy your free WiFi.

How to use Punjab WiFi app to access Free Internet

How to use Punjab WiFi app to access Free Internet

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