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HUM TV Bans Firdous Jamal for Creating Sexist Remarks Regarding Mahira Khan

Firdous Jamal a laurels senior actor UN agency is taken into account a living ‘legend’ within the Pakistani drama trade recently created sexist and misogynistic remarks against Mahira Khan, age shaming her on an interview show hosted by Faysal Qureshi.

It’s a regular round the globe wherever ladies are largely judged by their appearance, how tall, how fat, how white, however dark and god is aware of what. Be it age-shaming, slut-shaming, body-shaming, sexism, and misogynism, these are simply tip of the complete iceberg of discrimination ladies face.

Mahira but, being anyone has featured all forms of criticism. however what’s unclear and unsatisfactory was that these remarks came from somebody UN agency not solely may be a veteran actor but is kind of a revered temperament. His comments were unrefined and disrespectful.

He same that she isn’t “Heroine Stuff” and may be a mediocre model. This took social media by storm and everybody was angered by his statements. Mahira being the respectful and sleek prima donna she is, responded in an exceedingly respectful manner.

“We are the present. What we do and how we do it, is our future. Thank you to all those who have come out to support me- I did not ask for it and that makes it even more special.
As an artist I am proud of my industry. I’m grateful to my senior artists for paving the way for people like me and so many others. I am also proud of myself. In this journey of mine, I can proudly say that I have done what I thought was right and never succumbed to what others thought was right for me. That – I will continue to do. InshAllah.
In a world full of hate, let’s choose to love. Let’s be tolerant of other people’s opinions and let our fight be against the mindset -that a successful woman is a scary thought. No it isn’t. It’s a beautiful and empowering one. Let us stop picking on one another so that this industry and our country thrives like no other.
I read somewhere that ‘Stardom’ in Latin means – thank you to the fans when it was lonely. Stardom it is then!
Love and Gratitude,

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It Was Not simply the final Public as well as Mahira’s Fans That Were Upset however HUM TV’s MD Took Major Steps Against Firdous As Well!

Things positively progressed since then and a heavy action has been taken against Firdous Jamal. HUM TV’s MD Momina Duraid illegal him from all HUM dramas, consistent with the sources. She felt penitent of him for behaving in such associate degree humbling manner being a seasoned actor himself UN agency has aged into constant field.

Someone like him UN agency has dedicated an outsized chunk of his life to the present trade ought to be a good example of great ethics and expertness. rather than acting as a mentor, Firdous Sahab appears to get on a ship of tumid ego that’s riding on the waves of misplaced seniority.

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