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IM Sciences soft launched Women Digital Empowerment website

IM Sciences soft launched Women Digital Empowerment website

PESHAWAR: The IMSciences, in collaboration with the GIZ has tender released the women digital Empowerment Portal www.wde.org.pk.

KP leader Secretary, Muhammad Saleem Khan turned into the chief guest. Marcel from the GIZ was present as nicely. the scholars and teachers of the institute attended the event. The women digital Empowerment Platform is a digital platform wherein the women can talk freely about the problems and issues they face. The challenge is subsidized up by means of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa authorities. This platform will allow the women to give opinions to the government that allows you to resultantly formulate rules to empower ladies.

IM Sciences soft launched Women Digital Empowerment website

A video presentation changed into given about the portal. on this portal, ladies will have the ability to get to understand approximately the special social, monetary and political policies of Pakistan. they will be familiarised with women’s rights via files, PowerPoint shows and films. as soon as women give evaluations on conditions pertinent to them, the portal will assist the policymakers take moves to solve the troubles. There can also be a discussion forum on the website in which the girls can take part. After Director IMSciences, Dr Muhammad Mohsin Khan welcomed the visitors. Marcel from the GIZ pointed out how inspired he was with IMSciences for working diligently to sell the empowerment of girls.

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The KP chief secretary mentioned the troubles that ladies face and the way women are presupposed to be empowered and respected by way of society.

He talked about the strength of social media and said that it has helped the authorities take movements to enhance the properly-being of society.

About Women Digital Empowerment Portal 2019

About Us

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has taken visible steps through legislation, policy guidelines and plans of action for positioning and disseminating the gender strategy at all levels. Yet the strengthening of women inclusion at different tiers of the society remains incomplete. It is imperative to adopt a holistic and integrated approach to envision all the engines of the society (the public and private sector, media, academia, and the civil society) and align and synergize their energies and resources towards a shared destination to realize the true vision for the empowerment of women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The project is designed and implemented through the Institute of Management Sciences in close coordination with the Women Wing of the Social Welfare Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, being the government counterpart and responsible department for women empowerment and development. As women empowerment is a cross-cutting area, joint efforts of multiple departments and interest groups including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Women Parliamentary Caucus is also taken on board to ensure ownership, participation, and sustainability of the intervention.

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Explore Legislation and Policies

Political Empowerment

The process of achieving women’s equal participation, access, contribution to and benefit from descriptive presence in formal political positions and power.

Economic Empowerment

The process of achieving women’s equal participation, access, contribution to and benefit from economic resources and opportunities, economic decision making and productive assets.

Social Empowerment

The process of achieving women’s equal participation, access, contribution to and benefit from social networking, social responsiveness, social well-being, social identity, self-confidence and self-esteem building.

Discussion Topic: Property Ownership

Ensuring women are aware of their rights to inherit, acquire, own, and sell residential, commercial and agricultural properties; enticing dialogue on entitlement of women to land ownership, enabling them to raise their voice against discriminatory and illegal practices with reference to property ownership


Discussion Topic: Business Start-ups

Facilitation and protection of women in diverse businesses. Mechanisms and processes that are pre-requisites for making economic environment conducive for women. Guidance and information on SME’s, cottage industry, home-based businesses, and facilitation for business start-ups.


Discussion Topic: Health Issues

Prioritizing availability and access to mental and physiological healthcare of women; associated topics include family planning, and even taboo health issues such as breast cancer and reproductive health. Discussion on fighting ignorance, reluctance, and inaccessibility of women to healthcare

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Discussion Topic: Mobility Issues

A safe space for women to raise voice on how, where and why mobility has been a constant issue/inconvenience to progressive existence in society; social stigmas and harassment have limited women’s movement in almost every walk of public life. Issue include access to police stations, hospitals, courts etc.


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