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Imran Khan Decided to Increase Roti Prices

After the bombardment of taxes on the Pakistani awaam, Asian nation Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government have another plans currently. Apparently, Asian nation is presently facing the worst economic condition thanks to no-return of previous loans. Keeping note of the recent drowning political scenario of the country, the Imran Khan government is putting in place all efforts to stabilize the economy. however the hasty choices aren’t going well with the final public as protests are being recorded wide .

A major increase in roti prices!

In recent inflating and taxation things, another news came in and created vast chaos among the lots. the govt has currently set to focus on the costs of the fundamental commodities. Now, costs of the foremost consumed issue in Asian nation, the evergreen ”Pathan Ki Roti” are attending to be raised. Currently, a chapatti prices Rs.7 whereas the naan is of Rs.12, however it’ll value additional from next week.

Imran Khan Decided to Increase Roti Prices

According to the Naanbai Association President Aftab Gul, chapati’s rate can jump to Rs.15 that’s quite double its current worth. and therefore the naan is gonna be of Rs.20 rather than Rs.12 that may be a sensible Rs.8 hike in its original worth. The new costs are going to be obligatory from coming back Mon. what is more, Gul expressed that it’s become not possible to sell roti at this worth because the rate of flour and gas have nearly doubled when the imposition of general excise tax.

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Sources say that Aftab Gul has provided the hiking commit to the native administration to that they need asked for 3 days to resolve the difficulty. If the authorities couldn’t return up with some satisfying answer, the chapatti and naan costs are going to be raised from Gregorian calendar month fifteenth. whereas the Flour Mills Association has referred to as upon Associate in Nursing emergency meeting to debate the recently obligatory general excise tax.

Haroon metropolis Rasheed’s battle the roti rates!

Haroon metropolis Rasheed, the noted journalist, whereas talking in an exceedingly broadcast has likely that there’ll be no hike in roti costs. The Imran Khan government has to reach the neat documentation of economy and if hey did it, it’ll be a significant breakthrough for them. however if somehow the roti rates can increase it won’t be a decent sign for the govt.

Pakistanis are fuming over the hike and hashtag #RotiPrice is within the Twitter trends these days. Hopes are high that the govt can notice a viable answer on the matter.

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