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Indian Army Allegedly Honey-Trapped By Female ISI Agents

Not solely in Pakistan, however the poor Hindustan has with success managed to form a joke out of themselves internationally too. Be it their unsuccessful missile experiments or pretend surgical strikes, the globe is currently awake to India’s ‘nakaam saazish.’ Taking the recent Interstate Commerce Commission Men’s Cricket tournament within the notice, Indian Cricket Team even tried to outcast Pakistan from the tournament and everybody is aware of what happened with them. Joke’s on you India!
Indian Army Allegedly Honey-Trapped By Female ISI Agents

Well, when facing an enormous backlash from Pakistan within the past, Asian country has currently managed to embarrass its prestigious Army, Lol! Recently, another news came in from the opposite aspect of the border and Pakistanis can’t stop happy. it absolutely was exposed that some Indian Army jawaans were at bay in an exceedingly non-existing woman’s ‘pyaar’ and *slow claps* for the Indian Fouj please.

The story behind Indian jawans falling crazy with a feminine Inter-Services Intelligence agent!

According to the Indian Police, a girl in disguise allegedly business herself because the captain of the nursing corps within the Indian Army “honey-trapped” 2 of the Bharti jawans and another man in the last fifteen months. The Indian Police has place allegations on the unidentified lady as a vigorous Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agent.

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The Indian Army men World Health Organization got lost within the questionable Inter-Services Intelligence agent’s intense love embody Ravinder Kumar Yadav who was announce in Mahender Garh space and soldier Somveer Singh of Rohtak. it’s believed that a military aspirant named Gaurav from Sonepat space was additionally concerned within the love entice. Later, Yadav was inactive by the Narnaul police from a margin joint and Singh is lodged within the Jaipur jail.

Both the military personnel were defendant of trading to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence. Yadav and Singh were sharing info concerning the announce Indian Army Camps and alternative postings. the military officers and therefore the lady became friends on social media. when dig additional, the Facebook account she wont to entice the military men clad to be pretend.

The Indian Police cathartic statements relating to the case!

DSP Vinod Kumar of Narnaul space aforementioned, “Prima facie, it seems the woman’s Facebook account was pretend and therefore the Inter-Services Intelligence agent with identical identity had at bay the opposite 2 men within the similar fashion. the girl had used Indian numbers for WhatsApp and that we had sent the jawan’s phones to the cyber cell.”

According to an Indian policeman World Health Organization has asked to stay anonymously explicit , “She (the Inter-Services Intelligence agent) had even deposited Rs five,000 within the bank accounts of the 3 defendant. In Ravinder’s case, the girl had been often asking the Indian concerning his movement and showed concern for his personal life. the girl claimed she is announce in Gujarat. She solely texted him on WhatsApp and each of them had often shared their footage. However, the woman’s footage weren’t clear.”

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This issue clearly showed the Indian Army’s quality and the way massive of a mistake they created, yet again. Pakistanis, keep tuned for one more large ‘bhand’ from Asian country, until then Allah Hafiz!

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