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Indian rapper Badshah Paagal breaks BTS streaming record on Youtube

Indian rapper Badshah Paagal breaks BTS streaming record on Youtube

The news that K-Pop group BTS had broken YouTube streaming records with their single Boy With Luv featuring Halsey was being covered by the media all over the world because of how monumental it was. The video had the most streams in a 24-hour period and broke a record previously held by Taylor Swift.

But now, just a few months after BTS made the record, an Indian rapper named Badshah seems to have broken it with his song ‘Paagal’. However, YouTube has yet to congratulate the rapper on this feat as it usually does when an artist makes a record such as this.

This has led people to believe that the record might have been a result of bought views but it may have just been strategic ads placed by Sony Music to increase views for the video.

The song was placed on videos people were watching and if they watched the music video up to a certain mark before skipping to the video they originally intended to watch, Badshah would still get the view. Essentially he may have gotten the views through advertisements.

BTS’ ARMY was quick to point out how BTS achieved their streaming record with no advertisements to help boost their song, which is possibly why YouTube has kept mum on this record and has not made a statement regarding it.

According to Complex. the rapper is still upset at the lack of acknowledgment regarding his record from YouTube itself. He has reportedly stated, “We worked hard for this, promoted it worldwide. I don’t want people abroad to see India like it’s shown in a film like Slumdog Millionaire. We are at par with the world. And it’s our time to shine.”

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You can watch the music video that broke streaming records here:

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