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Irfan Junejo Released his Wedding Vlog Dulha Mian Diaries

When Mooroo free his vlog when obtaining married, everybody fell infatuated with it. It had everything: glorious storytelling, fascinating visuals, intriguing philosophies on love, life and company.

When Irfan Junejo got married earlier this year, everybody thirstily waited for him to trlease a vlog concerning it.

It took Irfan goodbye that we tend to virtually thought he ne’er planned to place out his wedding vlog for US to ascertain. However, yesterday he well-tried US all wrong.

Irfan Junejo Released his Wedding Vlog Dulha Mian Diaries

Irfan finally free his wedding vlog titled Dulha Mian Diaries and his fans and followers can’t appear to urge enough of it!


— Irfan Junejo (@irfanjunejo) August 7, 2019

From buying the cloth for his sherwani to messing up the mehendi dances and flying to London for an emergency visit amidst his wedding preparations, the vlog has it all!

What his fans are especially loving is the last sequence, in which Irfan bursts into his adorable laughter while delivering the following ending note:

Cameraman bhi saath laaye thay. 🙂

It is truly the cutest because we’re assuming it is his wife behind the camera.

Moreover, take a look at how much the vlog is compelling Irfan’s fans to get married:

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Yaar @irfanjunejo ki Dulha Mian Diary dekh ke dil karaha hai shaadi karloon.

— verysmolsnek.psd (@verysmolsnek) August 8, 2019

After watching Irfan junejo weeding vlog.
Me be like: Mujay shadi karni hai.

— Hashir (@oye_baatSunn) August 8, 2019

Waise tou humko shaadi kerni hi nai thi par @irfanjunejo bhai ka vlog dekh ke dil main kuch kuch hota hai tum nai samjhogay

— what a mess (@Azadaay) August 8, 2019

You watch @irfanjunejo and everytime you have that weird feeling where your heart melts + you are motivated and inspired. Kch kr guzarnay ka dil krta hai.
Jesay abhi shaadi krnay ka dil kr rha hai 😂
(P.S: that last line was just a joke (maybe))

— Syed Uzair Kazmi (@kazmiuzair) August 7, 2019

@irfanjunejo kamal kerte ho bhai! Maza hi agaya! Lots of best wishes for you and bhabi! May Allah bless you two! Ameen pic.twitter.com/9Z6IjOlAMQ

— Hamza Azhar (@M_HamzaAzhar) August 8, 2019

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