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Karachi Batman Fan Build Bat-mobile using old car parts

A die-hard Batman fan has realised his childhood dream after building a Batmobile using old car parts.

Mechanical engineer Shaheer Khan, 28, from Karachi, Pakistan, used £6300 of his savings and spent over a year constructing his creation, inspired by The Tumbler Batmobile featured in The Dark Knight.

Khan has been a collector of Batman toys since he was a boy and always wanted to own the character’s famous vehicle from the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

‘It was the coolest thing a kid could own,’ the 28-year-old told on Social Media

‘It was a tough process and we overcame many obstacles, physically and emotionally. We were building a car from scratch without any blue prints and redesigning the insides according to our understanding.’

Khan revealed that he used plane tyres to recreate the chunky ones seen in the movies. He then built an entire custom chassis for them.

The comic fan revealed he carved the chassis out in wood first then coated it with carbon fibre. He said the entire car was carved and brought to shape ‘by human hands’ and ‘nothing was done by a machine’.



Q: What do you think should be done to encourage the auto-enthusiast community in Pakistan?

A: Before we started this project, I didn’t know if we could ever complete it. But hard work always pays off, right? The lead engineer Tanveer-ul-Haq really drilled his team and all of the guys did a lot of work, every day, for more than a year to produce this end result. So, following are some of the lessons I learned during this project:

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First of all, there isn’t a shortcut to anything.
Second thing in any such project is to be ambitious and passionate about it.
Third thing is finding the right resources and materials.
Fourth thing is achieving more with less.
And last but not the least is the motivation

The first 4 points are self-explanatory, but the last point can be a collective effort. There is still room for growth but the overall effort and idea is admirable. But other than that, I think a separate social channel/campaign should be launched to highlight all recreational and DIY projects. Because in today’s time, not a lot of people watch T.V. So going on to digital media is the right way. You guys are already doing a good job by engaging people and societies through your platforms. And I think this is one of the ways to promote this sort of activities in Pakistan. Keep sharing and highlighting people’s work and achievements. And maybe one day, it will transcend into something spectacular.

My only concern during the entirety of this project was the fear that it may not be able to deliver the punch. Like some Batman fans will be able to point out the flaws and it won’t be able to WOW them. But, I am delighted to say that the car turned out spectacularly.

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