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KMC Engineering Department Tender Notice 9 March 2019 encroachment

KMC Engineering Department Tender Notice 9 March 2019 encroachment

KMC Engineering Department Tender Notice 9 March 2019 encroachment


Tenders in sealed covers are invited on Schedule Rate / Approved Rate / Offer Rate Basis for the following work from interested firms/bidders having registration with Pakistan Engineering Council in relevant field:


• In case, due to any reason, no tenders are received on the above dates, then the next date of submission and opening will be 11,04,2019 at the same time and venue as mentioned above and the tender documents will be available for sale upto 10.04.2019 (during office hours).

• The tender documents will be issued to the contractors on submission of written request on letterheads and on payment of non-refundable cost of tender price through pay order from Companies bank account in favour of KMC. Bid Security in shape of Pay Order as mentioned above should be enclosed with the bid otherwise the tender will be rejected. No tender will be sold on the tender opening date. The Tender documents are also available on SPPRA’s website (www.pprasindh.gov.pk).

• In case the date of opening or last date of sale of tender is declared as a public holiday by the Government or non-working day due to any reason, the next working day(s) shall be deemed to be the date for last date of sale and submission and opening of tenders accordingly. The time and venue shall remain same.

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• Substantially Responsive Bid:

Only those bids, which comply with the entire eligibility criteria as well as minimum qualification criteria attached with the tender documents shall be declared substantially responsive bids at the time of tender opening and will be eligible for further evaluation, otherwise the same will be declared as non-responsive/rejected.

• The bidder are required to submit the above information, along with signed evidence against evaluation criteria of their bids. Joint
Venture between two or more firms is also allowed subject to compliance of stipulated rules of PEC.

• The Name of the Company/Firm must be reflected on all Pay Orders submitted herewith.

• If any fake documents are found then the tender is liable to be rejected/cancelled without any compensation and with penalty as per rules.

• Canvassing in connection with tenders is strictly prohibited and tenders submitted by the contractors who are report canvassing will be liable for rejection.

• If a bidder submits a seriously unbalanced bid then he may be required to deposit extra performance security to a level sufficient to protect the procuring agency against financial losses, failing which his bid will be either rejected or bid security be forfeited as deemed appropriate by KMC.

• Bid security of the unsuccessful bidder shall be released once the contract has been finalized with the successful bidder or the bid validity period has expired whichever is earlier.

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• The procuring agency may reject all or any bid subject to the relevant provisions of SPPRA Rules 2010.

• The conditions of Contract are available on K.M.C. website (www.karachlclty.gov.pk).

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