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List of Shops Stalls of KMC Market to be Demolished

Details of Shops Stalls Of KMC markets to be demolished as per orders of supreme court of Pakistan

کراچی: غیرقانونی دکانوں کی فہرست تیار؛ لی مارکیٹ کی703،جوبلی کلاتھ مارکیٹ کی447
شاہ مارکیٹ کی148، مدینہ کلاتھ مارکیٹ کی137،
تاج محل مارکیٹ کی 108، اورنگزیب مارکیٹ کی 180،
اکبر روڈ کی 95 دکانیں مسمار کرنے کے لیےنوٹس جاری،کے ایم سی حکام

List of Shops Stalls of KMC Market to be Demolished, notices already been issued

list of markets given below:

1. Lea Market
2. Taj Mahal Market
3. Jublee Cloth Market
4. Aurangzeb Market
5. Bahadur Shah Market
6. Picther Road
7. madina Cloth Market
8. Akbar Road Market
9. Urdu Bazar Market

Senior Director
Estate KMC

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation on Tuesday through a informing conversant the Dominant Assembly that around 2,000 shops and stalls at figure KMC markets are to be destroyed as per the directives of the apex hotel.

The KMC said that 703 shops/stalls at Lea Industry, 447 at Jubilee Cloth Mart, 180 at Aurangzeb Activity, 148 at Bahadur Sovereign Activity, 137 at Madina Material Mart, 108 at Mahal Industry, 102 at Picther Roadworthy Activity, 95 at Akbar Touring Activity and 67 shops and stalls at the Urdu Mart Mart are to be knocked downwards in gift with the directives of the apex retinue passed early.

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List of Shops Stalls of KMC Market to be Demolished

The matters pertaining to encroachments on exoteric spaces, extrajudicial constructions, and advertizing activities in cantonment boards were regressive before a two-judge brass of the apex grounds headed by Adjudicator Gulzar Ahmed on Weekday at the Dominant Grounds Metropolis Registry.

Withal, Functionary Ahmed referred the matters to the important administration for preservation before any new brass after Jurist Munib Akhtar, the remaining member of the assembly, recused himself from perception the petitions.

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