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Man jerking off in daylight in Street arrested after viral on Social Media

Lahori Man masturbating in Street arrested after viral on Social Media

لاہور میں پبلک مقام پر نازیبا حرکت کر کے خواتین کو ہراساں کرنے والے شخص کی ویڈیو وائرل جانے پر پولیس کا ایکشن، ملزم گرفتار

Location: Judicial Colony, Thokar Niaz Baig (Near Gate 5). Lahore.

This man regularly masturbates in public when girls are passing by him. The screenshot you see above is taken from an actual footage where he’s performing the disgusting act (video has already been sent to the law enforcement officials).

Someone reached out to us sharing her absolutely harrowing experience in Lahore’s crowded and busy streets with video evidence. Here is what she had to say:

Man jerking off in daylight in Street arrested after viral on Social Media‘’This happened to me at judicial colony Thokar Niaz Baig near the gate number 5. The gate is located by Pizza 21. This man regularly stands here in broad daylight, harassing the women in the area by inappropriately touching himself in broad daylight. He even grabbed by friend’s leg around 12pm when she was returning from her university. She was petrified and could not report it anywhere but I made a video of him to show that men like him exist and need to face the consequences of their disgusting actions.

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I am providing evidence of my experience. He stands at the same spot and does it every day. I wonder how many women fell victim to his sickening behaviour’’

why our youth is so frustrated, I mean this is bullshit, maybe they don’t have any positive entertainment opportunities, almost all child rapists are teen boys, as a society we really need to think on the psychological aspect as well

@tasinaparwaiz behan, FIR no 1875/19, u/s 294/268 PPC has been registered. His motorcycle no LER 6460/13, 70 CC Metro has also been confiscated. I hope it serves as a lesson to all and no lady has to go through this again.

This is truly insane & disrespect to humanity values how some one can be such a cheap he has passed all the limits being sick mindset though you are a brave lady to film this bastard in such a fearless ways Shahbaz Gill has taken notice of it & surely he would get arrest soon.

What you dressed is your choice my sister, non of other business. Wish I was there at that time. I have no word sister how I m felling right now for that basterd. Alas! I really proud you sister.

You can educate 90%/95% population but there will always be shit people in the society. This video doesn’t even have 100k views and I already can see 100s of girls commenting that they went through same situation. So imagine out of 220M how many would have faced something similar

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This man should be made example of, he’s doing this in a broad daylight which shows that how fearless these people are these days. He should be given a punishment so hard that the next time, any other guy would think 10 times before doing such a thing in public

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