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Pakistan Railways FY 2018-19 Breaks All Revenue Records

Pakistan Railways (PR) has achieved its highest-ever revenue of Rs. 54.60 billion throughout the twelvemonth 2018-19, 10.30% higher compared to FY 2017-18 wherever it attained Rs. 49.5 billion.

The government claims that through special initiatives, PR has managed to come up with extra revenue of Rs. ten billion that helped scale back its annual deficit by Rs. four billion and absorption of an extra Rs. half dozen billion in respect of accelerating price of fuel, salaries, and pensions. The annual deficit of Asian nation Railways additionally shrivelled from Rs. thirty six billion to Rs. 32 billion.

Pakistan Railways FY 2018-19 Breaks All Revenue Records

According to the performance report, Asian nation Railways has more twenty four new traveller trains to its fleet, all refurbished domestically at PR installations at metropolis and Islamabad. These new trains attracted eight million new passengers and attained an extra revenue of Rs. 5 billion.

The number of yearly rail passengers has additionally increased to seventy million. Moreover, PR additionally increased its freight volume from four-dimensional to seven-membered by introducing special instrumentality product trains.

Pakistan Railways has additionally introduced a LIVE pursuit system and free Wi-Fi at major stations. it’s additionally established a progressive Command & management Centre at metropolis Headquarters to boost the protection and potency of the railway network. over one million customers are availing Free Live pursuit through their smartphones.

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PR additionally retrieved 383 acres of encroached land price Rs. 30 billion. aside from that, it additionally recovered thirty eight kilometre of the forty three kilometre long metropolis Circular Railway land from encroachers.

The report states that the free price tag facility has been extended to four journeys annually for passengers aged seventy five years or a lot of. There is additionally a five hundredth discount on tickets for passengers aged over sixty five years.

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