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Pakistani are Sharing How They Deal with Depression

Depression is oft considered a taboo topic in our part of the world. So when #HowIFightDepression started trending in Pakistan as well, it was a pleasant surprise since it meant that people were at least open to discussing the subject.

Pakistani are Sharing How They Deal with Depression

The first tweet for the trend appeared to have originated by an American sharing their experience with fighting depression

From there it caught on quite quickly and spread all over the world; including in Pakistan as well. While it’s important to remember that depression is a serious mental illness and needs to be treated with the help of professionals, there are definitely habits you can adopt which help you deal with some of the symptoms of depression.

Remember: none of these suggestions can serve as official cures to depression

But they’re interesting habits people have adopted to uplift their moods or improve their mental health, even, so it doesn’t hurt getting inspired by them for positive redirection of ones energy.

Pakistani are Sharing How They Deal with Depression

However, in Pakistan, the word depression and sadness are used interchangeably because of the lack of awareness. While it’s good that people are using Twitter to have conversations about both; it’s important to remember not to use the word depression for when you are sad since it trivializes the actual gravity of the mental illness. So if you think you or someone around you might be suffering from depression; then it might be a good idea to enlist the help of a professional. But if you’re just going through a general bout of sadness; it might be a good idea to use some of these tips and tricks to help you out of your mental slump.

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And of course, people wrote about they deal with depression responsibly

While others, talking about what they do when they’re sad said they tend to turn to motivational speakers

Some people read books


Some people turn to children because getting in touch with your inner child can sometimes make you forget life’s hardships


Other people preached about the power of music


A lot of people have favorite artists they turn to during these times and music has been known to affect, and maybe even regulate, one’s moods.

No matter what habit you adopt to keep the sadness or feelings or loneliness at bay, if they help you cope; at the end of the days they’re then worth it.

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