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Pakistani Forces Arrest Another Indian Spy Raju Lakhshman

It is a longtime incontrovertible fact that the Indian government doesn’t wish to envision eye to eye with West Pakistan on any issue. Considering Prime Minister Imran Khan post-Pulwama repeatedly asked the Indian premier Modi to own dialogues with him and type their variations out for the larger sensible of their countries.

However, rather than acceptive the invites, the Indian government not solely profaned West Pakistan’s airspace over once however started promoting war against Pakistan. Still, West Pakistan showed Brobdingnagian expertness, diplomacy, and rationality considering that the 2 neighboring nations couldn’t afford to travel into war with one another. Such political theory from Asian country was massively boo-ed by Pakistanis.

Pakistani Forces Arrest Another Indian Spy Raju Lakhshman

But, Asian country appears To be Adamant On Destroying West Pakistan Somehow and then They Tried By causation yet one more Spy!

This time AN alleged Indian spy known as Raju Lakshman World Health Organization is being according to be from Rajasthan was captured from Dera Ghazi Khan’s Rakhi Gaj space, in step with the border personnel. He was caught by the personnel ANd is according to be an agent sent to assemble data. He was attempting to enter from social group areas of metric weight unit Khan and once the arrest, has been transferred to AN unknown place.

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Dera Ghazi Khan is that town of West Pakistan that doesn’t enable Indian’s and Afghanis any entry whereas the other non-Pakistani would want special official permission from Ministry of Interior to enter Pakistan through metric weight unit Khan.

His motives aren’t disclosed so far, however this isn’t the primary time Asian country tried to instigate terrorist act in West Pakistan through spies. One eye-opening case is that of Kulbhushan Jadhav, World Health Organization admitted his involvement in major terrorist agendas and events as well as his connections with terrorist organizations.

ICJ’s finding on Raw agent Kulbhushan Jadhav declared Asian country as a terrorist state collateral Pakistan’s judiciary and military courts. Kulbhushan’s unleash was denied by ICJ which was a global level defeat and embarrassment Asian country round-faced.

Whether Raju Lakshman can face identical fate because the former-arrested-agent Yadav is nonetheless to be illustrious as well as the precise details of his motives. still, Pakistan’s military authorities were fast to smell the rat out and capturing it before he may accomplish what he was sent here for.

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