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Pakistani Momin Saqib Interview with BBC

Momin Saqib originally gained notoriety a few years ago when a video of him celebrating Pakistan’s win went viral. The phrase, ‘dil ro raha hai mera, ye mera Pakistan hai’ was used by Pakistanis the world over for any occasion that might have called for it. And Momin has now become a household name after his interview when Pakistan lost the last match from India went viral. Momin feigns weakness and what not in various clips of him circulating the internet. And in an interview to a television channel, he delivered another memorable meme-worthy line, ‘ek dum se waqt badal diye, jazbaat badal diye, zindagi badal di’.

Pakistani Momin Saqib Interview with BBC

Pakistanis are not the only ones who appreciated Momin’s enthusiasm for the game of cricket and his hilarious post-match reactions

Indians have fallen in love with his dramatic style.

And now Momin just gave an ~intense~ interview to BBC News with his brother Bilal Saqib and it’s epic

In the interview he further explains his feelings towards cricket and especially the match between India and Pakistan. He says in the interview that the Pakistani cricket team doesn’t love them back that it’s a one-sided love. And that while Momin and his brother hadn’t eaten anything the previous night lest they get sick during the match, they had heard that people had seen the team eat fast food just a night before.

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He goes on to say that he knows the team has talent but they need to hone it and improve upon it. He gives the example of the Indian cricket team and how they struggled with their bowling skills but had clearly improved them with time.

Momin said that at one time the Pakistan cricket team was on top and it get to the top again if only they practiced and focused on their diets and health. While the two brothers kept it light and funny; they made sure to specify that they in no way meant to disrespect or body shame their beloved team; they just wanted them to perform better.

And in the end, they talk about their funny personas and how Momin manages to deliver such hilarious messages for the team every time; Momin clarifies that he is not a YouTuber or a blogger of any sort; he’s just a regular guy who posts funny Instagram stories and videos.

He says he uses his social media account to upload content from his daily life that he finds worth sharing. His brother, Bilal chimes in and says that Pakistanis tend to care too much about what other people think and that they should live more freely and do what they want without the fear of judgment; that’s all the two brothers are doing themselves.

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All in all it was a hilarious interview and showed us more of what we wanted; the legend himself; Momin Saqib.

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