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Pakistani Women Are Perfectly Shutting Down Mrs. Khan’s Backward Mindset About Marriage

Pakistani Women Are Perfectly Shutting Down Mrs. Khan’s Backward Mindset About Marriage

Mrs. Khan went on an absurd rant about marriage on a TV show and Pakistani women aren’t here for it.
On Thursday night, a video started circulating Facebook which featured the infamous Mrs. Khan shifting the blame for marital issues solely onto women.

The video starts off by Mrs.Khan saying women back in the day were taught not to be outspoken in front of their husbands and if women today heeded to the same advice, marital conflicts would not occur as often as they do now. She continues to say when women try to “dominate” their husbands or their in-laws, that’s when the problem arises. According to her, when a man comes home from work, wives must put away their shoes and make sure the stove was on prior to their arrival so that they could serve them garam roti.

Pakistani Women Are Perfectly Shutting Down Mrs. Khan's Backward Mindset About Marriage

According to her if a woman is not willing to do all of this, it’s better to not get married.

To her, a woman unwilling to serve her husband in this manner is not a “proper woman” and she’s faulty.

When the anchor intervenes saying that women, nowadays, say they’re not going to the house to be maids, she then angrily exclaims that if women can do chores in their households for their parents and their siblings, why is it hard to do the same in their in-laws’ house?” What Mrs. Khan doesn’t realize is, that women are not opposing mere chores rather the idea of complete and utter submission to their husbands and the shed of an identity of their own.

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But Mrs. Khan does not stop there and states that women should keep quiet in front of their husbands and that women nowadays are too outspoken for their own good.

Mrs. Khan hasn’t just displayed an extremely misogynistic mindset but also a classist one. When the anchor asks her that if marital conflicts lead to divorce is it always the woman who’s at fault, she replies with utter confidence that nowadays it does. She then shifts the blame onto television and how it’s impacting the minds of young women and leading them to be less submissive. She goes as far as calling her household help a “low class” as she gives an example of the “disobedience” women show towards their husbands. When the anchor says that the husband might have answered his wife at home with a worse reply, she replies that times like those have passed and now women just run away.

Pakistani Women Are Perfectly Shutting Down Mrs. Khan's Backward Mindset About Marriage

This has caused an uproar on Facebook with mixed reactions but women are coming forward with perfect responses.

One woman called out Mrs. Khan by pointing out how she has servants in her own household who must be putting her husband’s shoes away and must be making rotis for him since she’s busy with her rishta business. She then goes onto say that women of this century will not only use their tongues but also their minds and thoughts because we’re not here to raise already grown men.

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She once again calls out Mrs. Khan on her hypocrisy and how elitist women like Mrs. Khan have profited off of the sufferings of young women and how there’s a video of Mrs. Khan promoting dowry culture. Furthermore, she then called out all the parents who hire women like these for their daughters who think that a woman’s silence makes the house prosper.
In this now-deleted video, the woman also directs her attention to all the men claiming Mrs. Khan destroyed feminists and claims that feminists have destroyed this rishta culture because women no longer want to marry in households where their autonomy is snatched.

She goes onto say that it’s impossible to always keep quiet and women should not have to be put on a pedestal. Furthermore, she discusses how media outlets mustn’t provide a forum to women like Mrs.Khan as it sends the wrong message or even if they do, they must have a feminist there to counter their arguments. She ends the video saying this century is the century of women liberation and feminism will prevail in this country whether people like it or not!


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