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PIM Karachi Diploma in Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering Course 9th March 2019

PIM Karachi Diploma in Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering Course 9th March 2019

Starting From 09 March, 2019

Venue: PIM, Karachi.

Fraud and Money Laundering threaten financial & non-financial institutions and societies as a whole. Fraud examination or Forensic investigation is one of the fastest growing areas of specialization in today’s global business environment. Due to the sophistication in financial crimes, people working for enforcement agencies need specialized skills to uncover these threats or vulnerabilities. The threats emanating from fraud or other unethical activities have attracted and continue to demand increased attention from leaders of organizations, investors, regulators & host of other stake holders.

PIM Karachi Diploma in Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering Course 9th March 2019


This course is specially designed & developed according to the market demands and needs of emerging threats. This diploma in Fraud & Anti Money Laundering will help you attain the following objectives at the end of the program:

The practical aspects of analyzing and investigating fraud & money laundering that will include crime investigation, interviewing witnesses, interrogating suspects, statement taking, forensic evidence, case management, practical training, and preparation and presentation of evidence in courts.
Recipients will develop analytical skills to approach fraud & money laundering, corruption, and ethical irregularities and will also develop an understanding of the strategies and tools that can be used to achieve fraud prevention through strategic controls and a culture of compliance.
Participant will be introduced to ethics and good corporate governance, and this will enhance their capacity to recommend actions to reduce the opportunities for fraud & money laundering. Additionally, they will learn how to develop policies, procedures, and standards to manage fraud risk in the corporate environment.
To educate professionals of private and government organizations for countering the challenge and develop experts in preventing and detecting money laundering and terrorist financing.

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This diploma is awarded by the PIM to professionals who have proved to possess specific knowledge in the following subject areas:

Understanding Fraud concepts and ethics of the fraud examination profession
Describing & understanding the types of fraudulent financial transactions
Investigating techniques in fraud
Understanding the legal elements of fraud
Understanding the processes, methods and international initiatives in anti-money laundering
Understanding Global and regional measures against money laundering and terrorist financing.
Detecting Money Laundering
Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: A Linkage
Counter Strategy against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Pakistan
Global and Regional Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Orientation and preparation method of CAMS to participants which would contribute AML professionals who earn the CAMS designation position themselves to be leaders in the industry and valuable assets to their organizations.


This program provides an excellent supplement to the growing field of government and corporate fraud investigation, forensic accounting, and fraud prevention and compliance and anti-money laundering for professionals working in a related area such as law enforcement agencies, banking, accounting, legal services, government or regulatory bodies etc., We welcome and invite you to embark on a journey that may lead you to career advancement, international recognition and respect among peers and superiors in fight against money laundering and other financial crimes in the country. Upon completion of the diploma, recipients will acquire the necessary knowledge & understanding to pass the US ACFE’s “Certified Fraud Examiner” (CFE) Exam & US ACAMS Exams.

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Class Lectures, Case studies, Videos, Exercises and Assignments. The participants’ performance will be judged by quizzes, assignments, midterm and a final exam. Successful participants will be awarded Professional Diploma.


Dr. Shaikh Tahseen Ahmed holds a proven 19 years of successful track record in anti money laundering/financial crime risk management in Anti Narcotics Force (LEA) and Regional CDD Anti Money Laundering adviser in a global financial institution.

He held senior position in Anti Narcotics Force and served 8 years. Currently, he is serving for more than ten years in global FI.

Based on anti money laundering and countering terrorist financing, he has rich expertise of customer due diligence involving corporate clients (Middle East, North Africa & PK) and individuals. He has been responsible for ensuring proper investigation of cases related to money laundering and terrorist financing through transactions channels.

He possesses professional expertise and comprehensive qualifications of-PhD (Criminology) in Anti Money Laundering);CAMS-Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, MSc.(Criminology);PGD(Investigative Psychology); LLB and MA-Economics, ICA (CBR)

Amir Nouman has more than two decades of local & international experience in the field of banking, audit & finance. He has gained extensive experience and served senior roles in different local and multinational organizations which include United Bank Limited, Summit Bank Limited & Sindh Bank Limited as well as offering services as a Consultant with Ernst & Young, Pakistan.

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He is an expert in the field of Compliance, Fraud & Anti Money Laundering and has earned various prestigious Certifications such as, CFE, CPA & CAMS to his credit. He is a Certified Chartered Banker from the UK & has also completed AIBP from the IBP, Pakistan.

Currently he is working as a Senior Compliance Officer in Compliance, Vigilance & Fraud Risk Management Division of SBL.

Amir did his Master’s in Business Administration-Accounting & Finance, from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines and has also completed 4 years of article-ship (ICAP) training from Rahim Jan & Company, Chartered Accountants, Pakistan.


The program is of four-month duration. Classes will be held on Saturday during 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm. The fee for the entire program is Rs. 49,000/-



Shahrah-e-Iran, Clifton Karachi: Tel: (021) 99251711-14, 99251669, FAX: 99251715-16

E–Mail: diplomakhi@pim.com.pk

Fees: 49,000.00

4 Students
Duration: Four Months, Sat (03:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
PIM Certificate

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