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PUBG is No More in Pakistan from June 2019 PUBG Banned Soon

PUBG is No More in Pakistan from June 2019 PUBG Banned Soon

Let it be pakistan or any other country, why to ban PUBG? And on what basis would you ban in pakistan. Due to the guns and bombs and the violence in the game. In reality this all goes in pakistan. India army everyday plays PUBG with pakistan terrorists. What is the use of ban on PUBG where actual ban should be on terrorism in pakistan.

Stopping guns and bombs in game dosen’t stop actuall guns and bombs to be fired…


Because Pakistan’s condition is already bad enough when it comes to IT related stuff. Youtube was banned for almost three years. And occasional shutdown of mobile networks isn’t a new story either.
Putting a ban is not a solution, moreover it makes things worst. It creates an uncertain atmosphere for international vendors and force them to pull there investment away.

It is the exact reason why PayPal doesn’t work in Pakistan. Pakistan have continuously been looking for some alternatives but in vain as almost 95 percent of internet business is based on PayPal

The increasing craze of online multi-player game “Players Unknown Battle Ground” or commonly known as PUBG has kept users stick to their mobile screens than using their time for productive works. After scrolling their social media accounts and tik-tok for unnecessary reasons, playing PUBG has become the second best past time for the youth.

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The most affected are the economies of two peace friendly nations. Yes you guessed it right. The people of the USA and Pakistan have been so indulged in the game that slowly they are forgetting that their country men have being doing the same in real life even before the game got released.

The Government of both these countries showed their concern when a report released by United Nations Peacekeeping body mentioned that shooting incidents in both these countries have shown a sudden downfall. People are spending more on mobile phones while the guns are remaining unsold.

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  1. Just wanna know the name of author

  2. WHERE THE F Does it state the source of BAN?

    according to the article :
    1) Pubg should not be banned.
    2)Paksitan is a terrorist nation and Indian army is the group of Angels!
    3) Pakistan’s IT industry is not good and Govt. shouldn’t do that.

    And a nice advice to the wanna be Adnan Sami( i.e. The writer of this blog) get your head out of the gutter. If you dont know the geopolitics of India and Pakistan, don’t try and humiliate yourself by uttering Bullshit!

  3. Next time, try thinking real hard before shitting all over the web!
    Who even made you a writer? .. you dont even stick to your title!

  4. Indian shit eater using .pk website. Be a man.

  5. Ads Sy bht Paisy kama Liye Bs itna btao proof kya ha imran khan ki profile py to pubg k bary me kch ni hai

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