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Rumors SRK Choose Fawad Khan For Professor’s Role In Money Heist

Rumors Say SRK Might Choose Fawad Khan For Professor’s Role In Indian Version Of ‘Money Heist’!

Along with the changes in the planet’s nature, human preferences in terms of personal priorities is also evolving. The early 2000s have passed as the people’s taste development in cinema and it’s still on the roll. With time, the making of television series took over the curtain and people started investing more in it. But then Netflix came into existence and eased everyone’s life by providing everything on one platform. Now, registered in millions of minds, the ‘Netflix and chill’ slogan has definitely turned the chaotic turmoil down for the advancing masses.

Shah Rukh Khan to make a Bollywood version of Spanish “La Casa De Papel” aka ” Money Heist”!

In recent times, a Spanish television series has taken the world by storm and everyone’s just watching it. Going by the name “Money Heist”, the series has become an instant hit and has broken massive records worldwide. As the world is aware of how often Bollywood destroys every good thing by remaking it in a crappy movie. This time too, Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan has decided to do bring Money Heist to big screens.

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After Pakistanis went crazy over Money Heist’s season three having a Pakistani reference, social media users are now ready to suggest Shah Rukh Khan on the cast of its Bollywood remake. Among the suggestions, a Standup comedian from Karachi also gave his opinionated advice on the cast and the digital awaam seem to love it. Along with other Bollywood celebrities for actual characters of the series, Pakistan’s heartthrob Fawad Khan was suggested for the main lead as ‘the Professor’.

Here’s the whole cast suggestion for Shah Rukh Khan’s version of Money Heist!

The Professor as Fawad Khan, Hrithik Roshan as Berlin, Shilpa Shetty as Nairobi, Ranbir Kapoor as Rio, Anushka Sharam as Tokyo and Shahid Kapoor as Denver, it sure is a great cast aligned. Apparently, before the suggestions poured in there were already rumors around that Fawad Khan is being considered for the role of Professor. Well, fans are now hoping that Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t make the same mistake as other Bollywood filmmakers did in the past while remaking some great piece.

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