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Sabir Brothers Refuse #MeToo Raped Allegations on Social Media

Earlier today, a tweet became viral on social media after a Pakistani girl named Rabia Mustafa Khan allegedly accused two men of rape under #MeToo.

Rabia shared that she was allegedly raped by Zeeshan and Imran Sabir, the Executive Directors of the Sabirs’ Group two years ago while she was working as a receptionist.

Sabir Brothers Refuse #MeToo Raped Allegations on Social Media

Here is her story that happened two years ago:

My mother was the happiest person on earth the day I graduated and started my first job as an office receptionist, six months later I was gang raped by my boss and his brother instead of the marriage proposal which I was promised earlier #MeToo

— Rabia Mustafa Khan (@rabiamustafakh) August 7, 2019

She shared that it all started from her workplace where she began her first job as a receptionist.

I was held hostage for two months and my mother was told I have stolen money from the firm and was last seen leaving the office with a man, An FIR was lodged against me and my mother went crazy looking for me. A fake FIR was registered against my brother and he was locked up

— Rabia Mustafa Khan (@rabiamustafakh) August 7, 2019

The two brothers, Zeeshan Sabir and Imran Sabir (owners of the company), held her hostage and assaulted her and also had the audacity to lodge a fake FIR against her, she alleges.
Sabir Brothers Deny Allegations

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After getting in touch with the Sabir family, we found out that that there are no female receptionists in the head office.

The receptionist in the Lahore office is still with them from her date of joining. They mention that there haven’t been such hirings in 15 years. There are only 2 female employees and have been since the beginning.

Not just that, there is no record of any girl named Rabia Khan who claims to work as a receptionist or any other position anywhere in their database.

These allegations are false and are being spread via a fake account. These are lies as the person who claims to be working there, never did. There is no record of ‘Rabia Mustafa Khan’ ever working for Sabroso. -Imran Sabir, Executive Director for the Broiler Farms, Sabirs’ Group

Furthermore, when Lahore Police reached out to her asking her for information, she did not reply back to them. Till now, she has been unable to provide them with any proof or even the FIR number from her brother’s case.

There is no FIR registered against the person’s brother. There is no record of it because it’s a lie. -Imran Sabir

Sabir Brothers Refuse #MeToo Raped Allegations on Social Media

Sabir Brothers Refuse #MeToo Raped Allegations on Social Media

The Sabir family also shared that someone has run a smear campaign against the Sabir name and the Sabroso brand out of personal jealousy.

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Salman Sabir shared an image of an FIR the company had filed against an individual, the same one who had vowed to go viral as a form of revenge.

Cheema owed us Rs58.6 million on which he defaulted. Hence, when we decided to file a case against him, he threatened us. He tried to blackmail us by saying that he would use false propaganda to go viral. I have those messages with me as evidence -Zeeshan Sabir

He also pointed out that the account from which the victim claims to be raped only has 27 tweets all in regards to the case which date to 7th August. There are no other tweets or any activity from the account which was made in 2014, hinting that it is fake.

This is a fake profile and we are 99 percent sure that Salman Cheema, the defaulter, is behind this. Sabroso will be taking strict legal action against this person.

It’s unfortunate that even political personalities, without any investigation into the matter, tweeted about it. People are being totally misled. -Imran Sabir

*This is a developing story

We hope that the truth prevails and hope that justice is served under the #MeToo umbrella.

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  1. And this statement by accused clears a perpetrator accused of rape? I can only admire the gullibility of this nation or willingness of this nation to believe the corruption and wrongdoings of rich. Pathetic

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