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Saira Shakira Luxury Pret 2019 Collection

Saira Shakira Luxury Pret 2019 Collection

The elegant drapery styled with hand pleated technique, pastel hue exuding sumptuousness and a touch of whimsical sophistication!! This attire is a major head turner.

Hand pleated Rose gold outfit contrasted with a heavy charcoal black embellished dupatta has got to be our favorite piece from the Luxury Pret collection 2019 by @sairashakira!!

Saira Shakira Luxury Pret 2019 Collection

The vanilla satin outfit in crisp silhouette with a contemporary cut and onyx embellishments at the lowers has got us bedazzled!

Saira Shakira is the fashion house of eastern and haute couture clothing that ensures the uniqueness of each piece in its level of individuality and originality. It’s style is based on new forms of elegance, presenting itself as a modern classicism, based on creativity and superior sartorial content. The strong identity of Saira*Shakira has evolved since its birth without forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style and fashion which season after season, combines strong innovation with the flavor of its origin.

From Fashion School to a powerful designer duo, Saira & Shakira has quickly taken over the hearts of women with their distinctive designs and unique aesthetics. Saira Faisal & Shakira Usman, both graduated & distinction holder from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design are the principal designers of the brand.

Saira and Shakira persue their passion together and followed through on a long-time dream of launching their own clothing brand. Finding the inspiration in one another’s style, In 2012 they launched the brand, Saira Shakira with the idea and knowledge of designing for a real woman that is effortless, sophisticated and finds strength in her femininity. From then they are setting the bar with their innovation, contemporary yet traditional designs.

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