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Sanghar Building Division Tender Notice 9 Mar 2019 Renovation

Sanghar Building Division Tender Notice 9 Mar 2019 Renovation

Sanghar Building Division Tender Notice 9 Mar 2019 Renovation


No.TC/G-55/189 of 2019 Sanghar Dated 04-03-2019


Sealed Bids for the works mentioned below are invited from the interested Bidders / Firms on Standard Bidding Documents of Sindh Public Procurement Authority Rule 2010 ( Amended to date )


2. The Bidding documents will be issued to all the Interested bidders on written request addressed to undersigned on firms original letterhead on payment of bidding documents fee (non-refundable) in cash as shown against each work on the address below

3 Method of Procurement i.e single stage single Envelope.

4 The Contractors must mention their complete and correct present postal address in tender documents and quote the rates both in words and in figures. Incomplete / conditional tenders will be not accepted.

5 Incomplete / Conditional bids will not be entertained and will be rejected outrightly.

6 In case, the date of opening is declared as a public holiday by the Government, or non-working day due to any reason the next official working day shall be deemed to be the date for submission and opening of tenders at the same time

7 The Procuring agency may reject all or any bid / tender at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid or proposal subject to the relevant provision of SPPRA Rules.

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8 In Case undersigned or any member of procurement committee is absent on the day of opening of tenders the tenders will be opened on next working day on same time and venue

a. Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council in the relevant category or above discipline keeping in view she bid costs. No PEC License required for the works costing upto Rs. 4.00 (M)

b. Relevant experience of last three years (list of works with copies of letter of award of work and completion certificate of equivalent cost or above.

c. Turnover of last three years as per SPPRA Rules 2010 with current turnover as 30% of the Bid Cost.

d. Valid registration with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for Income Tax (NTN)

e. Valid Registration with Sindh Revenue Board (SRB)

f. The Bid Security 5% (Five Percent) in the shape of Call Deposit issued from any scheduled bank of Pakistan in favour of undersigned shall be submitted at the time of submission of bidding documents.

g. Undertaking on stamp paper that firm is not involved in any litigation, Department Rift, abandoned or has left the previous work awarded or on unnecessary delay in completion of any work in the Buildings Division or in other Department.

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h. Undertaking on stamp paper regarding Non-Blacklisting of firm previously be Governments. Semi-Government, Autonomous Bodies as Executing Agency.

i. Affidavit regarding list of Partners / Partnership Deed with Director / Proprietor etc with complete information along with Power of Attorney / Sole Proprietor.

j. Undertaking on Stamp Paper that information submitted by bidder / firms is correct.

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