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Sindh Police New uniforms for varied units of constabulary

Sindh Police New uniforms introduced for varied units of constabulary

After considering recommendations submitted by Investigator Chief of Guard (IGP) Sindh Dr Kaleem Muhammadan regarding guard uniform, the Sindh regime has approved the launching of new uniforms for the police strength.

The new uniforms know been designed with a look to improve the representation of policing amongst the citizens. A spokesman for the Sindh law said the IGP welcome to interchange the uniforms of varied police units to deepen the policing noesis and channel it up to global standards. The IGP hopes that citizens present recognise and increase this, the spokesman said.

Sindh Police New uniforms for varied units of constabulary

DIGP Dealings Sindh Maqsood Ahmed explained that the new uniforms were designed in accordance with the latest international standards and anesthetic withstand conditions.

The Sindh constabulary will be the repair businessperson of the new police uniforms to ensure the attribute of fabric, colouration and handicraft. The suppliers and vendors of the uniforms instrument not be allowed to presentation the new uniforms in their outlets.

The uniforms leave initially be introduced in figure units of the Sindh force, including the reciprocation force, the Illegal Research Office, the anti-riots correctitude platoons, the forensic partition and the Work Personnel Part (CPO). Quadruplet uniforms for each department on a yearly foundation instrument be advisable in the succeeding business assemblage.

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The new uniforms were displayed at the CPO. The new dress for the reciprocation police officers consists of caucasoid shirt, navy down garment and navy depressing p-cap; whereas, the new unvarying for the reciprocation police department includes half-sleeve soul t-shirts, navy wear garment and blueness amobarbital p-cap.

The new homogeneous for constables and chief constables includes cimmerian nonindulgent half-sleeve shirt, service dispiriting trousers and service disconsolate p-cap. The dimension of force belts has also been reduced by two inches.

According to officers, the new uniforms love been designed to help the disposition of the police strength. They will be stitched in factories according to foreign standards and give be cosy and weather-friendly.

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