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Student Exam and Summer Vacations plus ramadan

Student Exam and Summer Vacations plus ramadan


By Umar Shaheen

The month of May is coming, which means summer vacation is around the corner. But don’t get excited, as May means first the final exams are coming. Now being a student in fifth grade, I thought of using my experience to write about students during exams.

While studying for exams, students do many interesting and peculiar things. Like some students toss a coin to decide if they will study at a particular time or do something else. They say, “If it’s head, I will study and if it’s tail, I will not.”

Well, those who tossed the coin to find an escape will still not study if it lands on head!

While studying a chapter, many students skip some subtopics and often the topics they skipped come in the exam. Some tell their parents that they are going to their friend’s house to study and when they reach there, they just hang out together without opening their books.

Student Exam and Summer Vacations plus ramadan

When parents tell children to study for an hour, then take a break for 15 minutes, kids take an hour’s break after studying for only 15 minutes! And when their parents ask children to revise a topic, they open their book to study it for the first time!

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Many students leave their learning till just before the exams, some even for the night before the exam! It is not surprising that some students

are not well-prepared to give their exams, but they do a preparation of a different kind. Such students make some cheat notes and put them behind the washroom sink and in exams ask for a break to go to the wash room and look at those notes. They also put cheat notes in their collar
and behind their water bottle caps. These are only some of the ways to cheat, which you shouldn’t do.

Some over-prepared students complete the paper 30 minutes or so before time and rechecked it 10 times. But there are very few of this kind. Most students like to discuss what they studied before the exam starts and after the exam they tally their answers with each other. They start panicking when they think they got an answer incorrect, but they have to wait until the result day to find out if there was any need to panic at all.

The day before the result, everyone is praying to pass their exams and reading the Holy Quran. Many don’t sleep much the night before. i On the result day, everyone is worried about their marks, even the students who are really good at studying. When they go to school for their result, their parents are with them so they are extremely scared to find out their marks. They dread getting bad marks.

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People who work hard always get good marks and pass, and the people who cheat always get bad marks. Try not to cheat ever in life and get good marks through your hard work. Be prepared for the exams by studying all through the year.

Now I have to leave so that I can also prepare for my exams, or else I could get bad marks! Good luck to all of us!

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