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Swabi Family Allegedly Murdered by Own Relatives over Dispute Property

This Family In Swabi Was Allegedly Killed Over Property Dispute By Their Own Relatives And When Will Justice Prevail?

The justice system of Pakistan has always been a questionable stance for so sane minds. Every morning a new wave of injustice takes over the innocent lives without any confrontation and one more file catches dust. Dependency on the security units always betrays as the powerful illegal rights cover the story of several unjust movements revolving within the victimized cycle.

Swabi Family Allegedly Murdered by Own Relatives over Dispute Property

A family killed over property dispute in Swabi and the concerned authorities are in deep sleep as always!

In the last few years, people of Pakistan have witnessed many heart-rending events resulting in the vicious demise of sinless humans. Once again, the unjust winds blew taking several lives and the culprits are still on the loose. Recently, a post on Facebook caught a huge number of eyeballs demanding justice for the deceased family. A total of four family members were brutally killed over a property dispute in Swabi, Pakistan and till now the law enforcing agencies hasn’t intervened.

According to the post, the incident happened in Swabi’s Maneri area of Pakistan. A mother named Masmaat Zaitoon, two teenage girls named Eeshmal and Khushboo and their 40 days old brother named Muhammad Zaman were killed in broad daylight. Three months back, the father Abdul Zaman and his brother Syed uz Zaman were also murdered for the same reason and the doubt was on their other brother Sher Zaman Khan who is on the loose.

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Another big failure of the law enforcing agencies!

Till now, the reason came out to be a property dispute between the families which is not yet solved. Currently, no one is on target for the killing of mother and kids but the main doubt is on Sher Zaman Khan. There are no reports of police interrogation or intervention in the case and the culprit is roaming freely.

This case is just another pile of failure on the face of the law enforcing agencies and the questionable security concerns. In the past, similar cases have come upfront regarding the property possession resulting in loss of lives. The judiciary system should be strict and pure to its roots so that the criminal minds don’t find ease in taking someone’s life over petty issues.

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