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Talent Development Mineral Exploration Technologies Training Course at Quetta

Talent Development to Propel Balochistan Advancement through Mineral Resources

— Note on Mineral Exploration Technologies Training Course held at Quetta for Directorate of Mineral Development of Government of Balochistan
How to transform the rich natural resources in Balochistan Province into ways of improving people’s livelihood? Talent cultivation serves as the shortcut for the answer.

From July 1st to July 15th, 2019, the 15-day Mineral Exploration Technologies Training course has ended smoothly in Quetta, Balochistan. The Course themed on Application of Geophysics, Geochemistry and Remote Sensing Technology for Resource Exploration has attracted more than 30 Chinese and Pakistani experts, scholars and senior engineers in the field of mining from Pakistan Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division, Mineral Wings), Balochistan Mines & Mineral Department, University of Peshawar, University of Karachi, Societe Generale de Surveillance [SGS], China Geology Survey, Xi’an Center, as well as MCC Resources Development Company (MRDL), Duddar Project of MCC Huaye Group Company Ltd. The trainees from the Department of Mineral Development Government of Balochistan learned theoretical knowledge and practical operation while exchanging views on how to better undertake resource exploration with cutting-edge mining know-how.


Talent Development Mineral Exploration Technologies Training Course at Quetta

The training course was organized by Metallurgical Corporation of China [MCC] through its Pakistani subsidiary MRDL on the request of Department of Mineral & Minerals, Government of Balochistan to train its officers in latest high-tech mineral exploration techniques. In order to present an organized training course, Mr. Nawaz Khan, Senior Vice President of MRDL, a professional mining engineer having multifaceted long experience in Pakistan and abroad, exerted his utmost efforts, working in close liaison and contact with Chinese and Pakistani sides. He was personally involved in designing curriculum, inviting lecturers, advising on lectures contents, guiding discussion in 37 working sessions and bringing together multiple sides with his massive painstaking endeavor devoted to teach the practical application of latest technologies for mineral exploration. This training course was a high-end knowledge feast for Balochistan as well as a profound attempt to cultivate talents for Pakistani mining sector. It aimed to teach and enable DMD officers to generate such data which would induce venture capital, local and foreign, for the exploration and development of the rich natural resources in Balochistan Province, and establish a new pattern of Chinese-Pakistani professional exchange and integrated corporate development.

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The training course positioned itself in the frontier mining researches with a holistic picture of the development of Pakistani resources. It was advanced, targeted and practical course, containing geophysics, geochemistry, spectroscopy, environmental science, electrics etc. Dr. Ihsanullah, Khattak remote sensing expert from University of Peshawar, used a simulation teaching method to enhance participants’ understanding for the application of elusive theories including remote sensing, electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic spectrum through in-depth explanation in a lucid way. Dr. Ren Guangli, from China Geology Survey, Xi’an Center, with his profound knowledge in remote sensing technology, cited practical example to focus on the analysis of mineralization prediction with multi-source remote sensing information and deeply impressed the audience. Ms. Zhang Jing, a young Chinese geological scholar, shared major cooperation progress among SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) members in the mining industry for the reference of Pakistan’s mining research.

During 15 days of substantial training, experts and scholars from China and Pakistan used various teaching methods such as topic lectures, case studies, scenario simulations and practical exercises with geophysical instruments on Serena Hotel lawns

to impart knowledge and giving hands-on experience to the participants, which increased insight, broadened their horizons and improved their capabilities.The training course has achieved sound effect and stirred passionate response. As Mr. Zahid Saleem, the Secretary of Balochistan Mines & Minerals Department commented at the Concluding Session: the course has quite a few refreshing moments which provide a good platform for the development of mineral resources in Balochistan.Through such a high-end platform, we have discussed sophisticated knowledge, shared advanced technology and exchanged opinions on combined development which will provide a mature model and potent support for Balochistan to attract more foreign investment.

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The Governor of Balochistan, Justice (R) Amanullah Khan Yasinzai, spoke highly of this training course undertaken by MRDL. He said that it was the first professional mining training course held in Balochistan, which was masterly designed with clear objectives and wide knowledge. Although Balochistan is renowned for its massive resource reserves, its exploration and mining however lags behind due to lack of skilled manpower and lack of venture capital. It requires scholars and experts home and abroad to participate in the promotion and dissemination of knowledge related to natural resource development in the province. He stated that the mining-industry elites of China and Pakistan are now gathering in the beautiful Quetta with their hope to apply the cutting-edge knowledge of the mining industry to the practice of resource development. They hope to continuously work closely with China’s outstanding enterprises, gathering strength, learning from and complementing each other. He earnestly hopes to take this seminar as an opportunity to introduce more cutting-edge knowledge and advanced technology and equipment to Balochistan, and to create a better platform for the economic revitalization through resource development.

The talent cultivation can be better and effectively done with international cooperation. Mr. He Xuping, Chairman of MRDL and the financier of this training course, mentioned during his speech: During the past 30 years since MCC set its foot on the land of Pakistan, it committed to the resources development as well as the localized talent cultivation and technology innovation. MRDL has become a promoter of talents for non-ferrous industry, providing a great number of mining professionals for Pakistan. MRDL, a subsidiary of MCC, belongs to China Minmetals Limited which ranked Top 1 in the world mining field. MRDL has actively fulfilled its responsibility during its operation in Pakistan by enhancing the employees’ professional skill by various methods; demonstration at different position level, organizing theoretical and practical training courses, tutor-guiding, signing tutor-trainee contract of training, conducting competition of general technique etc. All the various training techniques have universally raised the operating capabilities and general professional skills of Pakistani employees, and has forged a batch of talented professionals and managerial mainstay. In order to further motivate the initiative of Pakistani employees to learn skills and achieve proficiency, MRDL formulates mechanism of publicly praising employees with good performance, and giving promotion and rewards for superb craftsmanship, which provides a healthy competition atmosphere and helps in providing talented workforce for development of mining industry.

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This training course serves as more than a feast for exchanging wide mineral exploration and mining knowledge, but also showcases that the Government of Balochistan attaches great importance to the mineral resource development and talent cultivation. It also shows the earnest expectation of MCC for developing resources in Balochistan, driving the economic growth and promoting people’s livelihood.


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