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Tapal Celebrate Hamari Nationali Tea

Pakistan is home to 204,951,508 people. Over sixty lovely languages are spoken at intervals this mesmeric country occupied by nineteen ethnicities underneath one flag. despite wherever you go or World Health Organization you meet, be it as south as city or north to geographical area, there’s one common divisor between all of those wonderful folks – their love for tea!

Tapal Celebrate Hamari Nationali Tea

Maybe we should always be referred to as PakisTEAnis!

We Pakistanis are noted round the globe for our hospiTEAlity! the primary item you’re offered once you visit someone’s house is chai. Even once you are watching for your flip at associate degree workplace, you’re asked whether or not you’d sort of a cup of tea.

When it pours, Pakistanis need tea, once it’s hot outside still we have a tendency to crave for a cup of heat. In fact, those that are obsessed on weight reduction and diet have additionally incorporated tea in their diet.

We are therefore head over heels for tea that we have a tendency to even need the desi food whereas abroad on vacations!
Pakistan- The Land of the numerous styles of Tea!

What’s even additional fascinating is that everybody has their own favorite cup of tea. Some love tea while not milk or sugar, whereas others like it soft-bo as ‘doodh-patti’. several love the robust hit of ‘karak chai’ whereas there are those that crave chocolate tea.

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Many could dislike elaichi in Biryani, however love the addition of it to our cardamom chai! to not forget the ‘tarka’ masala tea brings, or the thrill of drinking garam garam kaawa within the monsoon season.

The pink delight of Kashmiri chai is another favorite Pakistanis like to sip throughout festivals across city. To prime it off, there’s even a thandi-thandi iced-tea for those that cannot stand back from the drink.

Every alternative day, a brand new sort of tea is being created and served all across the country, but, the $64000 reason why Pakistanis relish their cup is that their tea has been created with a mix that is pure, wealthy in style and quality and comes from the okay purported name Tapal.

Tapal – The Leading whole

Tapal has numerous blends underneath its umbrella. Tapal’s Tezdum is for those who’d sort of a robust hit, Tapal Mezban for the folks residing in Rural Sindh and preferring a premium dirt mix and also the tea line for the young energetic and health-conscious ton. Tapal’s Family Mixture and Tapal Danedar are incomparable favorites that complete each family’s tea-time.

Keeping our tea culture in mind, Tapal has celebrated the achievements of good Pakistanis over the span of seventy years of Independence. Now, the whole is back to celebrate independence by reminding Pakistanis regarding ‘#HamariNationaliTea’.

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No matter wherever we have a tendency to are, be it the Pak-China border, sea Gawadar, Astola Island, guillemot or Nathiagali, Tapal can forever cue North American nation World Health Organization with are with a sip of home anytime we have a tendency to reach for our favourite drink!

Tapal’s Liveathon to Celebrate #HamariNationaliTea!

This independence, Tapal has determined to celebrate a united Asian country and #HamariNationaliTea with an inspired, out-of-the-box plan for a Liveathon.

This year we’ll} see folks across Asian country paint the city ‘tea’ by going to their cities’ most celebrated landmarks and enjoying a hot cup of tea – a bond we have a tendency to all share!

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