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This Girl From Karachi Lost 27 Kg Transformation Journey Must Watch

This Girl From Karachi Lost 27 Kg Transformation Journey Must Watch

After being tortured for her weight, Sameera set out and lost 27 kg and her weight loss transformation journey is inspiring AF.

While we all have an ideal weight that we want to achieve, not everyone is able to make the lifestyle changes and adopt the discipline that is required to lose the weight and then to keep it off too. However, Syeda Sameera Hashimi is one of those inspiring individuals who has been able to lose weight and stay healthy, but it was a LOT of hard work!

Sameera has struggled with her weight since the sixth grade when people used to refer to her as “fatty”.


This Girl From Karachi Lost 27 Kg Transformation Journey Must Watch

While this did not bother her at first, the bullying began in the eighth grade where peers and relatives turned her weight into the punchline of nearly every conversation. They would joke about her walk and even the way she sat down. Nearing the age of 16, Sameera decided that she would lose weight and enter her college life as a new version of herself.

With the help of her mother, she went to Bhabhi’s Health and Beauty Clinic where they gave her twenty-four sittings in sauna baths, used some machines and herbs. This helped her lose 10-12 kg in 2 months but Sameera realized that this was not the right way to do it.

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“This was not the right way and I found that it was hard to maintain the weight that I had lost. I ended up gaining all the weight back and some more on top of it in just 5 months.”

This Girl From Karachi Lost 27 Kg Transformation Journey Must Watch

It was all back to square one. But college life was still different than school. She focused on herself and her confidence. No one cared about her weight or even her existence for that matter. But the real turning point came when she started university.

“I got into Ziauddin University and I was really excited but one week in and I faced a lot of shit. People bullied me and I got very depressed. For a while, I felt helpless but I decided to pick myself up and focus on my health. After trying for so long, at nineteen my real journey began.”

This Girl From Karachi Lost 27 Kg Transformation Journey Must Watch

Sameera started her weight loss journey on December 22nd, 2017 at a clinic called “Weightloss Pakistan” with the help of Dr. Sarwat and Dr. Tayyaba.

She was at Dolmen Mall in Karachi looking for a dress for her cousin’s engagement but couldn’t find her size in any of the shops. Coincidentally, there was a fitness festival taking place at the mall that day and Sameera visited their stall.

“They explained to me that I had gained weight because of hormonal imbalances which lead to bad eating habits. Dr. Sarwat, my health counselor, told me that I had a spark inside me and I have the courage to ignite it. I need to focus and give myself time to decide what I wanted from myself. That day I stood in the mirror and asked myself if I wanted to stay like this forever. I decided to change my life. This time I was mentally prepared for the challenge ahead and I haven’t looked back since.”

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This Girl From Karachi Lost 27 Kg Transformation Journey Must Watch

Sameera was given a diet and exercise plan which she strictly followed. She lost almost 14 kg in the first three months!

Her target was to lose 25-30 kg. But 5 months into her journey, things became hard. Sameera had reached the plateau phase which was very frustrating because she was working hard but was unable to lose weight. But her nutritionist told her that this was the time where she needs to be motivated the most and she was. Sameera then lost a total of twenty-seven kg in 10 months!

“I learned that motivation is temporary but dedication is life-long. You have to change your lifestyle to change yourself. I made this my lifestyle.”

This Girl From Karachi Lost 27 Kg Transformation Journey Must Watch

Sameera turned her motivation into dedication. She says she is enjoying the strength, power, and positive vibes but still enjoys the occasional fast food meal by working it into her diet.

Simple changes like changing regular cooking oil to coconut and white pasta/bread for wholewheat foods can make a significant impact on your life. Making this commitment also brings about a sense of routine in one’s life. Here is Sameera’s everyday routine:

9 am: Breakfast

12 pm: Fruit

3 pm: Lunch

Snack in between

8:30 pm: Workout

9:30 pm: Dinner
Sameera has certainly had an unbelievable journey and has been able to achieve what most of us yearn for every day.

Sameera to tell us how she managed to lose the weight and what advice she would give all those who want to make a positive, healthy change to their routine:

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“I was on the keto diet for 5 months, then I switched to flexible dieting for 3 months and then switched back to the keto diet. Now my diet is one that includes proper amounts of protein, carbs, and good fats. The key is portion control and creating a calorie deficit. You have to eat less than your usual calorie intake but this varies from person to person. Exercising 3 to 5 times a week is a must. Anyone who wants to start the journey of transforming themselves needs to know that it is a lifestyle change. Stay consistent. Stay dedicated. Have patience. Your hard work will speak for itself and make you proud of yourself.”

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