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Top Reasons for Nationwide Ban on Sheesha

Recently, the govt of Asian country determined to ban hookah (better called Hookah) broad. loads of individuals have backed this step. However, what they don’t understand is that ban hookah can solely end in worse addictions and outcomes.

Top Reasons for Nationwide Ban on Sheesha

Here’s why we expect the nationwide ban on hookah was an unsought plan.

1. Teenagers, UN agency are searching for associate escape, can resort to worse addictions like Garda (Hashish)

2. Folks that accustomed pay their evenings at safe cafes can currently be sitting elsewhere, which can be less safe

3. You can’t stop youngsters from doing what they need, they’ll realize a hack to the hookah ban

4. Cafes, that paid government tax and duty, are currently going out of business

5. Ban on cafes have born to chai-dhaba culture that overtly cater to junkies

6. Sale of cigarettes, a rather worse substitute, have since enlarged

7. Young businessmen UN agency heavily endowed within the restaurant  business are currently bankrupt

Instead of ban hookah, the govt ought to have taken steps to coach oldsters and students on addictions of assorted sorts. folks ought to be educated on however they will get obviate their addiction and why is it vital for them to discourage this culture. ban hookah is simply NOT the answer.

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What does one think? Was the nationwide ban on hookah an honest plan or not?

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