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Veena Malik Said to Reham Khan Khatara Gaari

Imran Khan is that the solely Pakistani Prime Miniter UN agency didn’t head to America once his electoral win. His recent America visit is additionally asking by the Trump Administration to higher the relations between the 2 countries. The welcome and love PM Imran Khan received from the yankee Pakistanis gave a shut-up decision to everybody UN agency tagged him ‘selected’.

Veena Malik Said to Reham Khan Khatara Gaari

Well, once the news of his visit stony-broke go in the native media, Pakistanis had mixed opinions. wherever several congratulated the PM on his visit, thereforeme weren’t so happy on his meeting with yankee President Donald Trump. Those were identical people that once couldn’t stop adoring his nature or Patwaris.

PM Imran Khan addressing the Pakistani-Americans in Washington!

Veena leader movement Reham Khan up!

As it isn’t hidden that Pakistani actor and host Veena leader may be a total badass once it involves fix opposed mouths. On PM Imran Khan’s recent America visit his ex-wife Reham Khan tweeted concerning the visit and referred to as him ‘driver’ to that Veena leader gave a appropriate reply and Pakistanis can’t stop loving her humor.

This is what Reham Khan tweeted: “Bajwa Sahab America ja rhay thay, unhon ne socha saath aik driver bhi autoimmune disorder jaun!”

Veena Malik replied: “Aik driver jis ne kuch mahinay aik khatara gaari chala kar chor di, jis ko ab koi bhi chalanay ko tayyar nahin.
Wo khataara ab sirf tweet karta rehta hai!”

Oops! That was brutal. Well, everyone is aware of, however hospitable and respectful PM Imran Khan is once it involves amusing guests. He even drives them by himself and that’s what Reham Khan tried to be funny on. however Veena leader may be a total savage and gave a reply Reham won’t ever forget.

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Veena leader perpetually manages to steal the spotlight by her humorous tweets and savage replies. Previously, she has taught Maryam Nawaz many times and has conjointly taken shots at Nawaz Sarif and Islamic Republic of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) at whole. Veena also shows her opinions on the continued problems associated with any field or person and is additionally seen empowering girls. maintain the nice work Veena!

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