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Wasim Akram Felt Embarrassed and Humiliated At Manchester Airport

Pakistan’s former Cricket Captain, Wasim Akram, is probably one among the foremost famed faces in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He’s completely beloved, folks find to him and he’s conjointly garnered tons of respect for invariably being vocal concerning his health condition. the previous skipper was diagnosed with polygenic disease at the age of thirty, that came as a shock to him and his fans.

Wasim Akram Felt Embarrassed and Humiliated At Manchester Airport

“I bear in mind what a shock it absolutely was,” he has explicit , “because i used to be a healthy sport with no history of polygenic disease in my family, thus I didn’t expect it in the least. It appeared strange that it happened to American state once I was thirty, however it absolutely was a awfully disagreeable time and doctors aforementioned that may trigger it.”

Since then, Wasim Akram has been concerned in varied awareness campaigns for polygenic disease.


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What a city San Francisco and weather is icing on the cake 🍰. #amazingsanfrancisco #baybridge

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However, recently, he was created to feel “embarrassed” and “humiliated” concerning constant. Wasim Akram took to Twitter to complain concerning the treatment he featured at Manchester airport:

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“Very discouraged at Manchester flying field nowadays, I travel round the world with my hypoglycaemic agent however ne’er have I been created to feel embarrassed. I felt terribly humiliated as i used to be discourteously questioned & ordered in public to require my hypoglycaemic agent out of its travel cold-case & drop into a bag.”


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Yes we can! #fitnessfirst #AccuChekPakistan #BeatDiabetes #Pakistan

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Here’s the tweet:

Very disheartened at Manchester airport today,I travel around the world with my insulin but never have I been made to feel embarrassed.I felt very humiliated as I was rudely questioned & ordered publicly to take my insulin out of its travel cold-case & dumped in to a plastic bag pic.twitter.com/UgW6z1rkkF

— Wasim Akram (@wasimakramlive) July 23, 2019

As soon as he tweeted this out, the post garnered a lot of engagement, and his fans rushed to support him or offer counsel in some form or the other.
Some condemned this behavior

Strongly Condemn
Manchester Airport staff are very rude Wasim bhai..always try to avoid flying from this airport

— Shahjhan Malik (@shahjhan_malikk) July 23, 2019

Others had a more neutral outlook, but still talked about how rude the officials could be

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They have every right to object on anything but there’s always a polite way to treat someone who’s a visitor. This behavior is not acceptable..also these are only medicines. But at the end of the day they’re one of those rude Britishers😠😠 Love frm India @wasimakramlive sir.

— Satendra (@Satendr97154342) July 23, 2019

Some believed that “rules are rules”

Cmon mate/ rules are rules!

— The cyclopath (@kevinBrut1) July 23, 2019

Others shared their personal experiences

A little bit of me dies every time I travel through Manchester airport. They treat passengers with disdain and are a national embarrassment.

— Ghazanfer Ali (@fu_man999) July 23, 2019

It has happened to me, one of the worst airports to travel through.

— Irfan (@ChaudriIrfan) July 23, 2019

Manchester airport is the worst of UK airport. we had very bad experience. staff was rude, unprofessional and had insulting behaviour towards the passengers especially from Asian background.

— Uzma_Danish (@UzmaDanish1) July 23, 2019

Some believed this was harassment, and if a legend like Wasim Akram faced this, what would an average Pakistani have to go through?

Totally agree about Wasim Akram but it raises another question, why is it OK to harass average Pakistanis. If they behave like this with a LEGENDARY well known figure, imagine how would they behave with average people who cant complain anywhere, SHAMEFUL attitude

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— Naya Pakistan (@wazim81) July 23, 2019

Mostly, however, people demanded that some action be taken against this

You are a legend & national hero shame on them our embeacy should take action on it

— waseem (@waseemrabbani19) July 23, 2019

UK government should apologize to the world’s greatest cricket legend

— I’M Vicious!believe THAT!! (@AddyJafary) July 23, 2019

Demand apology, they sometime take it extreme, you can always work around things there was no need for that kind of behaviour, disgraceful conduct.

— Humayoun Khalid (@Humayounpti) July 23, 2019

@manairport .. you owe an apology to @wasimakramlive

— Ahmed Sami (@AhmedSamiAbbasi) July 23, 2019

With the outrage this has garnered, let’s see if Wasim Akram ends up getting that apology.

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