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Yameen Fabrics Summer Unstitched Collection 2019

Yameen Fabrics Summer Unstitched Collection 2019

Optimum is one of our finest fabrics of the lot, a creation of authentic 100% Fine American PIMA cotton. Optimum is now live on our website. Giza gold is our premium 100% cotton fabric created with 100% super fine staple cotton. Shop GIZA GOLD now at https://yameenfabrics.com/products/giza-gold
Yameen Fabrics Summer Unstitched Collection 2019

Regular study of the modern raw materials worldwide are carried on by our researchers that ensure our products to always be up to date. Our experts are hired for their exquisite aesthetic sense which pretty much is the backbone of a desirable cloth. We don’t only manufacture well-preserved fabric, we also produce new hues and colors every day that are always trending and appreciated.

The finest materials are handpicked by the craftsmen working in our factories to make sure every yarn and thread maintains the standards we boast about. Our products are so pleasant to touch and feel because we cross every bridge possible in order to deliver what we claim.

The fiber strength of the fabric you wear matters more than anything else which is why it is always our first priority to opt for yarns that remain strong throughout the further processing. This is the reason why we make generous use of micro fibers in all of our fabrics. The enhanced firmness not bring adds a brilliant volume to our cloth, it also gives it a fall that’s hard to find anywhere else.

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Yameen Fabrics Summer Unstitched Collection 2019

The remarkable absorbability of our products is also unparalleled in the market. Our foundation research experts go black and blue to find new and better yarns that serve you best with a delightful feeling each time you wear them.

Our top of the range Air Jet technologies and state of the art looms manufacture the finest fabrics for your leisure. The dedicated craftsmen working in-house are all highly qualified experts that carry out every procedure with immense delicacy and care. The material is further polished when it goes through the process of finishing. Special attention is paid to every single thread that comes together to make a fabric you’ll definitely love wearing in every season.

How to buy Cloths:

Buying unstitched fabric online may get extremely overwhelming, with Yameen fabrics’s extremely user friendly website it becomes extremely easy, follow these simple steps to shop Yameen fabrics:

1. Go to www.yameenfabrics.com
2. Browse through the collections and choose your desired product.
3. Swipe right to see the colour palette and choose the desired colour.
4. Click add to cart and then checkout!
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