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Youngsters invention idea what your invention idea

As youngsters, your aspirations, imagination and dreams are infinite. You can literally think of ways to do things that have never been done before. Isn’t it? So let’s not waste time and show your invention ideas to the world at www.littleineventors.org — a site which takes your ideas and turns them into reality.

The website is a marvel in its own way as it encourages kids of ages 5 to 12 years, to share their ideas with the world! All invention ideas are welcomed. Don’t worry for the practicality of your crazy ideas as, who knows, you may become an inventor tomorrow.

To start with, you will see the main menu at the top centre with sections like, ‘Ideas5, ‘Makers5, ‘Challenges5, ‘Events5 and ‘The book5. You can navigate further by clicking the tabs. For instance, you can see hundreds of ideas (invention drawings) submitted by kids from around the world in ‘Ideas5; and see people behind making your imagination into reality in ‘Makers5, and then go through the ‘Challenges5 the website gives from time to time to wannabe inventors.

The ‘Events5 section showcases events taking place in the UK, so you may not want to go into it in detail. The website creators have also written a book, The Little Inventors Handbook which is a collection of budding inventors5 ideas of inventions.

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Youngsters invention idea what your invention idea

To submit your ideas, you just have to register and download the ‘Little Inventors55 worksheet and
By Asif Ali

draw your master piece on it. The worksheet is actually a template complete with your name, age, school and the empty space for the description stating, ‘The name of your invention5 and explaining it keeping in mind “What is it, How does it work? Who is it for?55

When you have done all the things required, upload it on the site in order to get feedback and a chance for it to be made real.

Keep in mind that this is not a competition, the site is actually a platform to your invention idea. You can see hundreds of other kids having come up with some amazing ideas that an adult has never thought of before, like ‘planting robot5 which plants trees and a ‘flying bed5.

So kids, dream big, dream incredible inventions and share them with the world at wwiv.littleinventors.org
What’s your invention idea?
Little Inventors turns children’s ideas into reality!
Calling all children aged 5-12, to share their ideas with the world!


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